Crazy Karen Loses Her Mind in Bethesda Over Trump Supporters

Trump supporters have been keeping vigil in Bethesda near Walter Reed Hospital since the President arrived on Friday. But one crazy Karen lost her mind…wait, she never had one to lose…and demanded police arrest the Trump supporters.

The crime? Her revelation of the “crime” was a little bizarre. First, she said one of them “assaulted” her. Then it was “This is my neighborhood.” (They were not – there are no houses at that location.) And finally, she shrieked that “they’re not wearing masks!” And for some reason she was upset that police ignored her and walked away. Crazy Karen.

The original video was posted by Brendan Gutenschwager:

 Note that crazy Karen is carrying a sign of her own against Trump. This is Joe Biden’s base, folks. She wanted police to arrest the Trump supporters ‘just because’ she demanded it. For those who are unaware, a “Karen” is slang for an unhinged white woman.

“For God;s sake, her mask is half off, she touches and adjusts it over and over again. She is in everyone’s face. Call the guys in white coats. Get her off the street.”

“bahahahah. complaint.. Go away Karen. -seriously though after the election when media and left stop caring about masks its going to take sig time to stomp out “karens” who think they have power over others.”
Wild Woman: Officer arrest that man!
Police Officer: OK tell me what happen?
WW: No, Tell me your name first!
PO: I want to help you.
PO: So what’s you name?
WW: I’m not telling you!
PO: *walks away*
WW: (To ‘that man’) You’re getting arrested…
OMG Is she real? She really needs to learn some relaxation techniques.
For the record, it’s not illegal to be outside in Montgomery County without a mask, unless social distancing isn’t possible.
There are some really deranged people out there. You think they have a case against CNN or MSNBC for turning them into these altered state zombies?
I died at the “you’re going to jail” scream at the end… after the police walked away due to her lack of cooperation. Lol this is a great microcosm of ‘IF I YELL OVER YOU I CAN NEVER BE WRONG NO MATTER WHAT I WILL GET WHAT I WANT’ mentality flooding some in society.
The only assaulting going on was to the senses of everyone who had to listen to her shriek.
“It’s my neighborhood”… said residents of Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, NY, DC, Richmond, Rochester, Kenosha etc. for the past 4 months while people burned, looted, assaulted, vandalized. This person can get over herself!
“but the police behaved as of the Republicans had a right to be there.” I think she has a different definition of “assault” than the law. Why do all these Karen’s run to the police wanting them to do something when they spend their days demanding the police be defunded.
This isn’t even her neighborhood. This is Wisconsin Ave. with Walter Reed on one side and NIH on the other. She had to leave her neighborhood to have this meltdown.
Thanks, Twitchy, for bring this unhinged crazy Karen to our attention. A bit of much-needed entertainment. However, it should remind us all of the level of mental problems present on the left.
Featured photo: screenshot

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