Coy Shue – WWII Marine Veteran Honored With Parade on His 100th Birthday

Charlotte, North Carolina – Coy Shue fought on Iwo Jima, Tinian, Roi-Namur and Saipan during WWII, and lived to tell about it. On Friday, he was honored by his community with a parade on his 100th Birthday – 34 Jeeps from the CarolinaCruzin4Jeeps Club, six motorcycles, two Fire engines, the Charlotte 49ers Van, and four police cars from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. And of course a lot of flag waving and horn honking. Some of the parade participants even came out and saluted Mr. Shue as they drove by. (WBTV)

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“We are out here celebrating the 100th birthday of a World War II Pacific Marine, a veteran. We are out here to show him our appreciation and thank him for his service to our country and give him some love today. We believe that God gave us these blessings and abundance and we are supposed to share them. We are huge supporters of back the Military, back the police, kids with cancer and folks in need. This is our purpose.”

Jennifer Connor, CarolinaCruizin4Jeeps

“My PawPaw says he’s not a hero, that heroes died, but he’d always been my hero. He has shown me God’s love and taught me how to trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. He loved woodworking and would build me dollhouses. He’s the sweetest, kindhearted man I know. He’s my PawPaw, my hero and I thank God for his presence on this Earth and in my life.”

Taylor Shue Jarina, Coy’s granddaughter and member of the Jeep club

Coy Shue has seen a lot in his lifetime, and fought in battles that some have only seen in a real history book. But he was there, and remembers one of the moments that could have taken his life.

I just did my job, not a hero — heroes died. I just did my job, like the rest of the servicemen. We fought for that flag, and it’s a symbol that we love. On Iwo Jima, a bomb landed in the hole with me and didn’t go off, and I said right there, ‘Lord, I’ll be a good person for the rest of my life and serve you.’

Coy Shue

His family says that’s exactly what he became that day. He has two sons, Ronnie and Robbie, both of whom served in the Marine Corps. He met his wife of 74 years at a square dance.

He’s a proud Marine. We are from a Marine family. We are so proud of our mom and dad. WE are so lucky to have them here with us.”

Robbie Shue, Coy’s son

Semper Fi, Cpl Coy Shue, Happy birthday – your service is very much appreciated!


Featured photo: screenshot from Jennifer Willett Connor

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