COPA – Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability Suspended Fallen Police Officer for 3 Days


COPA (The Civilian Office of Police Accountability) announced a 3 day suspension for Chicago Officer Ella French. Officer French was murdered in August, so she’s not going to be able to comply. It’s not just that she is deceased, it’s that she was not the main participant in the situation she is being suspended for while she was a probationary officer. They stated she failed to activate her bodycam.

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COPA said she failed to activate her bodycam (she was still in training). She went with another officer – they stopped a man who was behind the house- he was released after they determined he was not involved in the investigation. These kinds of things are the reason that civilian review boards are not well liked by police officers in nearly every city. Stupidity from people who have never worn the uniform and lack common sense. And Chicago cops are not happy over this.

In 2019, Anjanette Young’s house was mistakenly raided by the Chicago police. Upon police arrival she was left naked and handcuffed during the raid. Officer French arrived AFTER the initial raid and helped Ms Young. But the words from Ms Young’s spokesperson after Officer French was killed should have given COPA a clue:

“Officer French assisted Ms. Young and allowed her to get dressed, in the privacy of her bedroom. Officer French was the only officer who showed Ms. Young any dignity or respect on the night of the raid.

Ms. Young is praying for Officer French’s family and offers her sincerest condolences to them and all of Officer French’s friends and colleagues.”

Law Enforcement Today

Officer Ella French was credited with saving the life of a baby during a mass shooting in Chicago just one month before her death.

Clueless COPA defended its decision by saying they took into consideration her exemplary record. They’re full of it. John Catanzara, the head of the Chicago police union, demanded an apology from the fools who would do this to an officer who cared about her community, and died defending it.

This is the latest example of why that agency has zero credibility in the eyes of every CPD officer. We demand an apology immediately for the intentional harm caused to Ella’s family, friends and co-workers.

John Catanzara (WTGN)


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