Cook Inlet, Gulf of Mexico: Emperor Biden Kills Huge Gas and Oil Leases to Keep Prices High

Faye Higbee

Two of the largest gas and oil leases were killed by Biden in both Cook Inlet in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico Wednesday night. His not-so-royal dumbness killed the leases by removing millions of acres from exploration. All of this reveals a violation of the law which requires the government to create oil and gas leases…which even though the court has told them to do it, they have not. It’s obvious they don’t plan to.

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Killing the economy even further.

The Cook Inlet and Gulf of Mexico had millions of acres in which to drill. And the oil and gas industry knows exactly how to do it safely.

“Replacing the current plan won’t happen overnight. The timeline spelled out in regulations governing the program requires a three-step process involving environmental analysis, public comment periods and a review by the president and Congress.

It typically takes the government at least six months to a year to finalize a new offshore drilling plan. This means that even if the Interior Department unveils a new proposal in the coming weeks, the soonest energy companies will learn whether they will have access to new leases, and where, is probably early 2023…Biden administration is poised to let the nationwide offshore drilling program expire next month without a new plan in place.”

Washington Post

John Nolte at Breitbart took to the web to express his displeasure at Emperor Biden’s edict:

Did I mention that the average price of a gallon of gas today is $4.42?

Why would Joe Biden do this?

What possible reason could he have, with millions and millions of Americans suffering through his record inflation?

There’s only one answer. Joe Biden wants to keep gas prices at record highs.

Give me another explanation. I’ll wait…

And don’t give me any of that shit about the environment. Long ago, these energy companies figured out all kinds of clever ways to explore and extract our natural resources with minimal environmental damage.

Lemme guess… Putin is responsible for killing these leases? You know that one’s coming…

So why do Democrats want high gas prices?

The answer is obvious: because Democrats hate self-sufficient Americans and want to punish us and make us desperate, dependent, and unhappy. Duh. Nothing signifies self-sufficiency more than the automobile, and self-sufficient people do not vote Democrat. High gas prices increase the cost of everything — from food to housing to clothes to everything.

John Nolte

So batten the hatches, America. The Biden administration and their dementia-ridden Emperor hate you. IF we make it to November, vote Republican. That’s a big IF. Gas prices may keep people home.


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