Conservative Donors to Clinton Foundation- Includes Fox News

By Faye Higbee

The parent company of Fox News is the 9th largest donor to the Clinton family bank accounts, according to Truth in Media via the Wall Street Journal, at just over $3 Million.

The donations were to the Clinton Foundation, not to her campaign.

Her Campaign list, though similar, does not show 21st Century Fox as a donor. It DOES show Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, and Microsoft, as well as several big Wall Street banks.

The Parent Company of Fox News is 21st Century Fox, formerly “NewsCorp.”

Media matters, reported in 2015

  • News Corporation Foundation. The foundation for News Corp., which is headed by Rupert Murdoch and was formerly the parent company of Fox News, donated between $500,001 to $1,000,000 to the foundation.
  • James R. Murdoch. Murdoch, the co-chief operating officer of Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox and son of Rupert Murdoch, donated between $1,000,001 to $5,000,000.

The “well-respected” foundation that isn’t

The problem is that conservatives and Republicans have been donating to the Clinton foundation, ostensibly because it was a “well-respected” charitable foundation. By donating to it, they are participating in its corruption. They are now widely known as a “pay to play” foundation, you give them money and they let you play in politics.

The Wikileaks releases have shown a pay-to-play scheme from the Foundation, and subsequent scandals have not placed the Clinton Foundation in the best light, even to possibly being a large money-laundering organization. Should these conservatives have known the problem? Yes. And Haiti is a case in point:

The Clinton Foundation Haitian scandal

Let’s use Haiti as an example as reported by the Washington Post:

The Clinton family’s charitable work in Haiti has been a mix of success, disappointment and controversy. As our Washington Post colleagues reported, some Clinton-backed projects didn’t come through, such as a $2 million housing expo for thousands of new housing units. The Government Accountability Office found poor planning and unsustainable outcomes for taxpayer-funded projects through USAID, such as a $170 million power plant and port for the Caracol Industrial Park, which the Clinton Foundation promoted.

Hillary Clinton’s younger brother had connections to a mining project in Haiti, raising suspicions among Haitians about the Clintons’ motives. Luxury hotel projects paid by the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund promised construction jobs — but for Haitians, it represented another disconnect between Clinton-backed efforts and the realities of one of the poorest countries struggling to rebuild after one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the Western Hemisphere…

There’s real frustration among Haitians over failures in progress promised to them, not just by the Clintons but from the international community at large. In 2015, Haitian activists protested outside the Clinton Foundation in New York, claiming the Clintons mismanaged hundreds of millions in taxpayer money through the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission.

Unbiased biased media

So there you have it. Yes, Fox News may not be quite as “unbiased” as you might have thought. But with Saudi prince Alaweed bin Talal holding a small portion of the Corporation’s stock, that can’t help either. Pay-to-play, a Muslim stockholder who calls Trump a “disgrace“… remember that the Clinton Foundation has taken money from Saudi Arabia in spite of the fact that she knew they were supporting ISIS.

And there you have the Conservatives who donate to the Clinton Foundation. Something is decidedly wrong with this picture. Fox News I do believe tries to do their best, but they are surrounded.