Connor Brewer – Standing Strong for America

By Faye Higbee

Millikin University is a private college in Decatur, Illinois. Todd Starnes reported that previously most of the football team took a knee during the anthem and the backlash was so bad that they decided to do something different. On Saturday, the entire football team decided to stay in the locker room during the National Anthem…all except for one man, Connor Brewer.

Connor didn’t want to talk to the media out of respect for his team. But he apparently is the ONLY member of that football team that respects America.

2015 photo of Connor Brewer via Millikin University

The sight of Connor standing without his teammates during the National Anthem brought tears to his mother’s eyes.

“I’m still teary-eyed just watching that video of him standing on that field for the anthem – all alone…Connor just wants to exercise his right and stand on the field. He by no means wants to cause controversy or problems. He loves playing football for Millikin and hopes he can continue without any grief.” Kellie Brewer to Starnes

The community is deeply divided over the actions of the football team. The University, as in usual liberal fashion, stands with the team’s decision to stay in the locker room because they’re respecting their voice.

The team seems to feel they’re not disrespecting the sacrifice of those who fought and died for America…but they are, in every way possible. The team issued this statement:

“Please let there be no doubt that we have the utmost respect for the sacrifice made by those who served or do serve in our armed forces, including many of our family and friends. Therefore, it is our desire to do nothing that could be viewed as disrespectful of their sacrifice.”

Some fans have stated they will no longer support the team. But we hope they will support Connor Brewer…his courage to stand alone shows that he is not the usual sheep in college clothing.

Todd Starnes wrote:

Because it was the day an American citizen considered the cost and chose to defy the anti-American sentiment sweeping across the fruited plain. It was the day Connor Brewer, of Springfield, Illinois, stood resolute.

That young man is an American patriot.