Congress funds Obama Agenda – Do you hear thunder in the forecast?

Congress funds Obama Agenda- Do you hear thunder in the forecast?

Congress has calculatedly ignored the American people once again by passing a $1.1 Trillion spending bill that contains full funding for Obama’s refugee resettlement program and immigration policies.

Clueless in Congress


Posted by Breitbart on Friday, December 18, 2015

Listening to the Breitbart video should awaken in you the sound of thunder.When America voted in the off-year elections in 2014, we thought we sent a “clear” message to Congress that we were sick and tired of their actions. They did not listen. The RINOs are still in charge, proven by the passage of the $1.1 Trillion budget. And members of Congress had no clue what was in it when they passed it.

congress funds obama agenda

Speaker Paul Ryan

According to Breitbart, four members of Congress and a whopping amount of lobbyists wrote the bill. You had no input whatsoever. The bill funded Obama’s refugee resettlement operation, all Mideast immigration programs, Sanctuary Cities, Obama’s continued executive amnesty for DREAMers, and the resettlement of illegal aliens within the U.S. interior.

Republicans are irrelevant

Republicans have held the majority since the elections- both in the House and the Senate.  But that has been largely irrelevant. And Speaker Paul Ryan, now sporting a beard (is he trying to placate Muslims or did he convert? Just asking), has been paying no attention whatsoever to the process that propelled him into the office after Boehner disappeared.

“No member of even the House and Senate knew what was going on…Special interests did because we heard from lobbyists what some things were being considered….This kind of process is unhealthy … because in a matter of panic before Christmas we’re told ‘you either vote for this bill or shut the government down and that would be a colossal disaster.’” Sen. Jeff Sessions

Thanks a lot, RINOs.

Obama’s dictatorial pattern

Obama signed the Spending Bill…he only does that when he gets his way. Remember that, America. It is a pattern that has been repeated for the last 7 years. And nobody seems to be paying attention. Anything he doesn’t like comes with the veto option and threat of executive order.

The VISA program is severely broken, placing Americans at risk. Word that the San Bernardino shooter’s fiancee visa was not properly vetted should be a clarion call for freezing the programs…instead, Congress voted to allow thousands more visas for Syrian refugees that may or may not be terrorists.

The destruction of American jobs

The bill also gave thousands of H-2B visas to be issued to low-skilled workers who will compete for American jobs. It means the displacement of American workers because the government gives precedence to immigrants.

And what does that mean? It may mean an uptick in the homeless population as more people lose their homes because of job loss. Did you know that 47.8 % of homeless individuals are white? Blacks come in second at 36.6%, but the telling figure is that only 7.6% are Hispanic, and other races are even  lower.

Are you done yet? Are you paying attention now? Things are about to go from bad to worse because of the idiots in Congress. The vast majority of Republican legislators voted for this bill. There is the rumble of thunder over Washington D.C. and it’s getting closer.

“To understand the priorities of Republican leadership, contrast these actions with the last-minute stocking stuffers that did make their way into this must-pass bill to fund the government — Quadrupling of H-2B visas for low-skilled workers, which will only drag down wages, kill American jobs, and hurt working men and women.” Sen Ted Cruz