Communism in the “Democratic” U.K.- religious leaders will have to register with the government

By Faye Higbee

The U.K. government has created a plan to monitor “extremism” that resembles old style Communism: register all religious leaders with the government. Leaders of all faiths, Jewish, and Christian leaders, Priests, Rabbis, and Imams will be subject to the new rules. The rules are in response to two incidents of Islamic Extremist activity, the Rotherham and Trojan Horse scandals.

religious leaders

Perceived threats

Back in the U.S.S.R., all churches had to register with the government or they were not allowed to operate. Small fellowships began meeting in secret out in the forests to avoid government intrusion or KGB  arrests.

Churches were perceived as threats to Communism…a situation which persists today in certain Communist nations.

The new rules

In today’s dangerous world, the U.K. is attempting to tamp down Islamic extremism by registering religious leaders- but because they are supposed to be “Democratic,” they are making it the same for every faith… a situation which will likely be staunchly opposed by Christian and Catholic Leaders.

The national registry of religious leaders will be a requirement for all groups, and each leader will have to be “trained” by the government in order to work with the public.Members of the registry will also have to be “vetted.”

The Telegraph wrote,

The strategy, due to be published this autumn, says that Whitehall will “require all faiths to maintain a national register of faith leaders” and the Government will “set out the minimum level of training and checks” faith leaders must have to join the new register.

Registration will be compulsory for all faith leaders who wish to work with the public sector, including universities, the document says. In practice, most faith leaders have some dealings with the public sector and the requirement will cover the great majority.

Naturally, the  Muslims are calling for the new rules to be administered to all groups the same.

“It is very noticeable that the main Islamist groups are not really up in arms about this. They want it, because it will feed the narrative of grievance and victimhood they love. They will be able to use it to say, ‘look, we told you so’.” Haras Rafiq, Director of the Counter terrorism think tank Quilliam

Radical Muslim clerics have been responsible for numerous tragedies in the U.K.  “Training” them is not going to change that problem. And “training” other faith’s leaders will only further enhance the politically correct atmosphere in the U.K.

The good parts of the new plan

The new plan also includes some good portions. It takes aim at those who refuse to learn English and removes all benefits from them. It bans individuals whose behavior “falls below the thresholds in counter-terrorism legislation” but which “undermines British values.” It reviews Sharia Courts. It bans radicals from working unsupervised with children. But those things pale in comparison to the loss of freedom in the other parts of the rules.

The U.K. has brought this problem upon themselves by their politically correct laws and methods. Destroying the freedoms once enjoyed in the British Isles because of Islamic terrorism is unconscionable.