Committee Proposed to Investigate the Executive Branch

By Faye Higbee

Committee Proposed to Investigate the Executive Branch

H.Res 693 IH was introduced on April 19 in the House of Representatives. Was it created to “investigate Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors?” Close. But it’s a little late to stop him. Congressmen Ted Yoho of Florida and Randy Weber of Texas proposed a new standing committee to see to it that the President and his minions follow the law.

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photo via Western Journalism

Late to the party

This idea is a little late to the party now, but is a good step. The problem is that it only has 2 sponsors thus far: Yoho and Weber. The Committee would consist of 12 members of the House. The Chair would be from the majority party, but a “senior” minority member would also be chosen.

Permanent Select Committee on Oversight of the Executive Branch

Congressman Yoho stated,

“Every day a new claim and allegation come to light about the abuses of the Obama Administration. Blatant Executive overreach, targeting by enforcement agencies, stand down orders of enforcement on existing law—which have resulted in the deaths of Americans, and regulatory agencies that bypass Congress and write their own laws. Enough is enough. While this committee will be tasked with the oversight over future administrations—both Republican and Democrat—the abuses of the current Administration have necessitated the creation of a whole new committee to deal solely with this Administration’s transgressions.”

“We, the Representatives of the people, are tasked with holding the Executive Branch accountable by the guiding document of this nation—the Constitution,” the Florida representative added. “It is our job, our responsibility, and the right thing to do. So, if not now, when? If not us, who? We must prove to the American people we are worthy of the responsibility they have entrusted to us. All it takes for evil or tyranny to prevail or for our Constitutional Republic to fail is for good men and women to do nothing.”

The Text of the bill reads that the Committee will have jurisdiction to investigate the Executive branch for “allegations of misconduct by officials of the executive branch. The Select Committee shall not have legislative jurisdiction.”

The Committee can issue subpoenas, take depositions, and question witnesses like any other House Committee. They would be allowed to avail themselves of FBI special task forces to assist in the investigation (is that wise? The DOJ is a concern. Just sayin’).

It’s a start.