CNN Opinion Article Asks- What If Trump Doesn’t Accept Defeat in 2020? Will The Military Have to Remove Him?

By Faye Higbee

A CNN opinion article by Joshua Geltzer that asked the question: what if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020? Will he leave office peacefully? Geltzer seems to imply that he wouldn’t, and that the military should remove him.

The person who wrote the opinion piece was: “executive director and visiting professor of law at Georgetown Law Center’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection and an ASU future of war fellow at New America. He previously was senior director for counterterrorism and deputy legal adviser at the National Security Council.”

You’d think this man with such credentials would understand a few things, but he clearly doesn’t. He made some blatant errors in his statements. Big ones.

“The health of our democracy rests, in part, on not involving the military in transfers of power. And that should continue. But imagine the most extreme scenario, with Congress certifying Trump’s defeat but Trump refusing to leave office. In those circumstances, the military would no longer owe its loyalty to Donald Trump as of noon on January 20, 2021. And it’s worth asking the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as they testify before Congress in coming months, to affirm that they understand that and would act consistently with it.” Joshua Geltzer

First, as pointed out by Joe Newby at Conservative Firing Line, the military doesn’t owe its “loyalty” to Donald Trump or any other President. They take an oath to defend the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. It’s a huge mistake on Geltzer’s part. And as Marine Veteran Newby pointed out, Geltzer should know better, considering he’s been involved in counterterrorism and legal advising for the National Security Council.

He probably pledged his loyalty to Hillary Clinton back in 2016 and is still bitter over losing.

He seems to believe that Trump was making a “threat” in 2016 when he didn’t answer the question about whether he’d accept the results of the election. His answer was: “I will tell you at the time. I will keep you in suspense.” Really doesn’t sound like a threat to me, does it really to you?

Gerlitz said,
“These are dire thoughts. But we live in uncertain and worrying times. Perhaps, in 2016, Donald Trump never really intended to contest a loss at the ballot box. Still, having seen him in action as President, it’s surely best, as we hurtle toward 2020, to be prepared in case President Trump makes good on his threats from 2016 — now with far more power at his disposal.”

The Democrats have been “contesting” the election nonstop since 2016. They are the ones who have not “accepted” the results. They’ve done everything they can to cast aspersions on the President, to claim collusion, criminal actions, even Constitutional conflicts- and so far they have had no evidence whatsoever. But that’s what bitterness and hate do- they create conflict. Hypocrites, every one of them.

Secondly, Gerlitz doesn’t even know what form of government we have in the United States. But then, not one of the leftists or even a bunch of RINOs understand the basics of government. We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic.

Gerlitz’ entire article is filled anti-Trump sentiment (typical of CNN). Because Trump won the electoral college, he alleges that the intelligence community should verify that no election interference was completed. Which the DOJ under Jeh Johnson did in 2016, but he apparently missed that part. He stated that the declaration of National Emergency is not justifiable (like all good puppets say), because they can’t see a crisis. Never mind that Border agents are overwhelmed, and more leftist-organized caravans continue to flow to the border to the point that even places like Tijuana, Mexico are overwhelmed.

But nothing to see, everything is all fine as long as you agree with the left. We’re more concerned with whether the left will accept the results of the 2020 election, based on their complete meltdown over the last one.

Featured photo: screenshot of Joshua Geltzer via Government Matters