Clueless Kirsten Gillibrand: Ban Assault Weapons, Prosecute Americans.

2020 hopeful, clueless Kirsten Gillibrand has plans to ban all “assault weapons” and prosecute those who refuse to turn them in. Which is why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place. Government gone rogue against the citizens.

Clueless Kirsten Gillibrand

In an interview with CNN, Gillibrand was asked if she supported a mandatory gun buyback program and criminal prosecution for those who refuse to turn the guns in to the government. She said, “Both those ideas are strong.” She also pushes the narrative that the NRA is the boogeyman of all leftists.

“I think we should ban assault weapons as well as large magazines, and as part of passing that ban, do a buyback program across the country so that those who own them can be … compensated for their money that they spent… you don’t want people to retain them [guns] because if you make them illegal, you don’t want to grandfather in all the assault weapons that are all across America

Kirsten Gillibrand

She has also claimed that the NRA is “desperate” to make it easier to get a suppressor, according to the Daily Wire. She likely has no knowledge whatsoever of the hearing protection afforded by a suppressor and she doesn’t care. She watched gangster movies. So she knows.

More lies: “Remember, after the shooting in Las Vegas [Trump] said, ‘we’re going to ban the bump stocks.’ Did he ban the bump stocks? No! Because the NRA came crashing down.”

Fact: The NRA actually said they had no objection to regulating bump stocks, and the President DID ban them.

More lies: “The NRA is lying to the American people, it is not about the Second Amendment. … [The NRA] wants to make sure an abuser who has a restraining order against him can buy a weapon.”

Fact: The NRA opposed the reupping of the Violence against Women Act only because there are often cases in which the woman lies about her partner abusing her. Taking the right to keep and bear arms away from someone is a serious step- the NRA wanted to make sure it wasn’t a final one. They lost.

More lies:: “I will make sure we ban the bump stocks…the assault rifles, the military-style weapons.”

Fact: Bump stocks are already banned. ‘Assault rifles/military style weapons’ were banned in 1987. AR weapons are not military weapons, nor are they “assault weapons.” One trigger pull, one bullet. They are the most popular sporting/ self-defense guns in the US. Good luck banning them, since people will not give them up as easily as the left thinks

More lies: “The NRA is the worst organization in this country. They care more about their profits than the American people, they care more about selling guns to someone on the terror watch list or w/grave mental illness or who has a violent criminal background.”

Fact: Profits? What profits? The NRA is a non-profit and they do not sell guns. People who have “grave mental illness,” or a violent criminal background are already banned from buying or owning guns.

What planet is she from? In her unicorn-filled mind, people like sheep will just voluntarily give up their means of defense against the government that has already in many areas gone rogue. And everything will be rainbows and butterflies ever after with no mass shootings ever again. Never mind the bad guys who don’t follow the law anyway.

Featured photo: Unicorn by Whimsical Practicality, underlying photo Kirsten Gillibrand Twitter.


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