The Clinton Legacy – Ignorance, Arrogance, Belligerence

Faye Higbee

The Clinton Legacy – Ignorance, Arrogance, Belligerence

The book recently released entitled “Crisis of Character” by Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service Agent who served in the White House under Clinton, reveals the Clintons as poor leaders. The book reveals Hillary in particular as a volcanic-tempered, mean woman without a kind bone in her body- unless it’s for a photo-op.

Poor Leadership

We will go through a few parts of this new book and reveal some things you may not have known about the Clintons and their character…or their actual ability to lead.

Bill Clinton was in office during the Battle of Mogadishu on October 3, 1993- better known as “Black Hawk Down” the title coined by journalist Mark Bowden, the on scene reporter.

It was the Clinton “Rules of engagement” that created the situation. Byrne likens their philosophy to the surgeon who doesn’t want to hurt, and is reluctant to use a scalpel.

[Page Number 53, Crisis of Character] “Army Rangers paid a heavy price for not looking “too intimidating” or “like invaders,” valiantly fighting while stripped of the equipment they requested. Had the administration not ignorantly meddled with events, the 160 Special Forces operators of Army Rangers and Delta wouldn’t have taken so many casualties. And here is what the Clinton Machine didn’t comprehend: Our guys wouldn’t have had to inflict as many casualties either, shooting their way out against 4,000-6,000 Somalis with an entire city of civilians trapped in the crossfire. The Rangers became a legend that day but lost 18 fine men and suffered 73 wounded.”

Does that sound familiar? Instead of proper security and backup, the men at Benghazi were left to their own devices, and the result- the deaths of four Americans. Current Democrat ROEs are the same kind of disaster that led to the Black Hawk Down situation.

Mr. Byrne stated that one of the fathers of a Delta operator who died in Mogadishu was so angry that his son was to posthumously receive the medal of honor from Clinton that he came unhinged and declared that Clinton was too cowardly and unfit to bestow the award to his son.

Hillary’s blow ups

Mr. Byrne goes on to recount instance after instance of cost overruns from taxpayer budgets at the White House, and Hillary’s volcanic temper. Secret Service Agents hated working for her. She was what Byrne refers to as part of the “three-ring circus” that was the Clinton administration.

Page 70, Crisis of Character:

“Fear reigned among her staff. It made it impossible for them to say no to her.It paralyzed their decisions, and in the end, it created disastrous consequences…”

The mysterious death of Vince Foster was listed in his book as “spooky.” After Hillary publicly bashed him, he committed suicide, or at least that’s he official determination. The idea that his suicide weapon wouldn’t fire for the forensics team was interesting.

Clinton’s chief of staff, Maggie Williams, reportedly pushed her way past the Secret Service agent posted at the door to his office and removed boxes that were never recovered. Did he know something that the Clintons didn’t want revealed?

Though he wanted to forget the whole time with them, he truthfully testified at the Monica Lewinsky hearings in 1998. He stated that some times other people’s memories got “fuzzy” or that they’d suddenly forget things.

Clinton, Inc

Page 274-275, Crisis of Character

“Just last year Mrs. Clinton claimed that as secretary of state she didn’t carry a work phone. It was too cumbersome and inconvenient for her to carry two phones. She didn’t have room for them.

Then we learned that she carried an iPhone and Blackberry, neither government issued nor encrypted.

Then we learned she carried an iPad and an iPad mini. 

But she claimed she didn’t do email.

Then we learned she had email — on a private server. 

But then she claimed her email was for personal correspondence, yoga, and wedding planning.

Then we learned her email contained government business as well — lots of it.

…There is no greater example of double standards in leadership than First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton…” Gary Byrne

clinton legacy

Hillary Clinton – screenshot from YouTube video

Hillary STILL only cares about Hillary:

On Saturday morning, we received a post from a gentleman on Facebook. It’s a firsthand account from a military K-9 handler, Eric B. – and shows that Hillary is still arrogant, ignorant, and belligerent. And so is Obama.

facebookposthillary Within minutes after posting this, Facebook demanded that he prove who he was, and some reported their copies of the post had been removed.

Hillary manages to take shortcuts with America and our security, and skating out from under everything she has done. Don’t let this behavior continue by voting for Hillary or staying home in November.