Civil War Over 2nd Amendment? Pay Attention

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When Kellyanne Conway told Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends that “everything” was on the table regarding stopping mass shootings, there were real honest-to-goodness red flags going off in my head. Will that mean a civil war over 2nd amendment?

Steve Doocy: There’s a story that the president has spoken to the Attorney General, Bill Barr about using some regulatory power or executive action to try to do something, just like he did with bump stocks, regarding this. Is that on the table?

Kellyanne Conway: It is on the table. And he was in close contact with the attorney general and the FBI director over the weekend.

Fox and Friends

Civil war over 2nd amendment?

But even Rep Adam Kinzinger says that there is a “serious movement” to abolish the 2nd Amendment.

“It is unfair that you would deny somebody a right by putting a restriction in place because… I own an AR.  99 percent of us are responsible with these guns. But as a society, we can’t predict individual behavior… We have to make societal differences and changes… attitudes are turning so much against the Second Amendment that the thing that we risk is that there will be a serious movement to not just create restrictions but to overturn the whole amendment. Now, by the way, your freedom of religion is protected by the First [Amendment]. If we begin to start to repeal the Bill of Rights, who knows where this whole thing goes.” Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)


Kinzinger, by the way, signed on to the Red Flag Laws. There’s a whole other bag of worms with those. This is the time when a good government can go bad, when the laws of freedom that have governed us for over 200 years are in jeopardy. It could easily lead to civil war to have everyone who owns a semi-automatic rifle instantly become a criminal. It’s what happens when people run on emotion rather than rational thought on the consequences of their actions.