Civil Disobedience – Rallies Spread Demanding Govt Open States

By Faye Higbee

Stickers are appearing on vehicles here that say “Disobey Idaho.” It’s a sign of civil disobedience rippling through the country. A protest was held Friday afternoon at the Idaho State Capitol. Idaho is not alone – many more states are experiencing the same level of anger.

“We will gather on Friday to remind our employees of the state that we will not stay silent while they attempt to destroy the lives of Idahoans and our economy. We do not consent to our state being shut down. We do not consent to forced imprisonment…All businesses are essential. Idahoans have a fundamental right to provide for their families. Government cannot interfere with natural rights.” Press Release from Disobey Idaho (Idaho Statesman)

Rallies are planned for various states including Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia and Kentucky. That’s after rallies in Michigan and North Carolina (which we previously reported and organizers have vowed to continue). At issue here are the governors who have extended their “stay-at-home” orders to the detriment of workers and small businesses…as well as Constitutional rights being hammered by the states.

Washingtonians are upset that they can’t do some of the things Idaho can do – such as go to outdoor parks. The two states are about 22 miles apart. And Gov Little’s extension clamped down on Washingtonians coming over to Idaho.

“A little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” Thomas Jefferson

Fury is building across the nation. People are willing to do common sense things like wash their hands, and stay a safe distance from others, but their livelihoods are being destroyed.

We are interested in President Trump’s tweets today, which seem to back the protests in some of the states (Which, by the way Democrat Washington State Gov Inslee called “dangerous and illegal.”) Bite me.

“We will have endured nearly 7 weeks of lock down when May 1st arrives and the end of these restrictions has remained indefinite. Business owners are being forced to layoff employees while the unemployment system is failing those laid off and the economy free falls. Pennsylvanians deserve more than just endless extensions. It is not sustainable to continue the shut down as the economic and societal consequences may be irreversible.” Organizers of the Pennsylvania Protest (Fox).

Participants in the Pennsylvania protest on Monday will be in their cars.

Even Tom Fitton, the CEO of Judicial Watch, tweeted about what has been happening across America:

“I won’t snitch on you, fellow Americans, if you go to church, take your child to the playground, show your unmasked face in public, buy a non-essential item, go for a drive to visit your family or just because, or try to work to feed your family. #Coronavirus LIBERATE AMERICA @TomFitton”

What will it take to actually liberate America? It will take fed-up citizens pushing back in civil disobedience. Sure, there’s a pandemic, no thanks to China, and it’s something we need to pay attention to, but the heavy-handed garbage that is being pushed around the country is an agenda we must not stand for.

When people are told to “snitch” on each other; when they are told they cannot buy what they want in stores that are open for business, when businesses are completely shut down from being able to provide for their families, it’s more of a sign of power-hungry governors. And folks are beginning to choose civil disobedience to combat it.

“Rosa Parks didn’t get to sit in the front of the bus without protest, Dr. Martin Luther King did not get rights for African Americans to vote without marching the road to Selma. Maybe we, as businesses owners, as tax payers and as citizens of this country need to take a stand.” Dan Koolstra, Spokane Washington business owner (KHQ)

Featured photo: screenshot via Fox


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