Cincinnati Trump Parade On The I-275 Loop

Saturday was a surprising day for the organizer of a Cincinnati Trump Parade on the I-275 loop around the city. Organizer Karen Mills expected maybe 50 or so participants, but by the time of the rally, the parade had grown to thousands. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles flying American and Trump flags, as well as pro-police flags honked and waved on both sides of the loop. That’s not even counting the number of people who gathered on the overpasses to cheer the parade participants. (Kristinn Taylor at the Gateway Pundit)

The I-275 loop is approximately 85 miles long and runs through Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The Cincinnati Trump Parade ran down both sides of that loop, and was scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon.

It was estimated that 19,000 cars participated in the Cincinnati Trump parade.

The Trump cruise rallies are organized by different people at different times across the nation. Portland, Oregon and Boise, Idaho had Trump Cruise rallies last month.

“We are hosting Trump Rally’s because we don’t want to be silent anymore, we love our freedoms, our Bill of Rights and our President Donald J Trump! We voted for him to lead this nation and he is keeping his promises! Wake up America and Vote Trump 2020!” Alex Kyzik, Portland and Boise event organizer

So let’s take stock, shall we? Thousands of boat owners have taken to the waterways in Trump boat parades over the last several months as we have previously reported. Even when a rally was cancelled recently in Nevada, Trump held an “impromptu” rally in which a “sea” of red ran for the barricades in Minden. They weren’t going to be left out after the Reno Airport cancelled the original event.

The silent majority is no longer silent. Is Trump perfect? No. Does he accomplish things? Yes. And he keeps his promises. Just judging by the size of these rallies, from waterways to highways and even parking lots, the only way Biden wins is if the Democrats cheat.  Keep your eyes open for that and let’s Keep America Great!


Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter (WCPO)


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