Christopher Columbus – Was He Really The Monster Leftists Say? With Video

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In the left’s penchant for tearing American history apart and toppling its monuments in order to erase it entirely, there are a few things they need to learn about Christopher Columbus on this day.

Instead of re-writing history, they should reflect on the conditions of the time that Christopher Columbus lived in. By no means was he a perfect man, but he wasn’t a monster, either.

Columbus set sail westward without any navigational instruments. Though some believed the world was flat,  some knew that it was round. What he did not know was that the Pacific Ocean stood between Spain and India. He assumed only the Atlantic was there.

He set sail with professional deckhands on an ocean liner…not. On his first voyage, four of the crew were convicts who were offered amnesty to go with him. One of whom was a convicted murderer. The others were from small towns in Andalucia and experienced seamen. Members of the crew were paid based on their experience and position. Even then, he had to put down at least three attempts to mutiny during the voyage.

A voyage of that length was highly dangerous at the time- not only for lack of instrumentation- there is no evidence he even had an astrolabe- but because of disease. Scurvy from lack of Vitamin C raged through the members of the 2nd expedition according to the National Geographic and was one factor that led to the failure of the first colony on the Dominican Republic: La Isabela.

So let’s think about this: his first landing on the place he called “San Salvadore” met with a peaceful tribe of natives the. They got along fine. But on the Island of the Dominican Republic, that was a different story – the Caribs were cannibals.

So all you leftists out there- why don’t you take a trip through time and encounter some cannibals and their warlike ways to see what you’d do?  According to letters Columbus wrote, he was not in favor of killing them in spite of their warlike tendencies.

So you’ve got four crew members who would have killed you if given the opportunity. You have a a tribe of natives that would eat you. You have disease running rampant through your colonists. A lot of your people are sick. You’re an explorer, not a governor so your political rivals are always trying to destroy you (and ultimately succeeded after you are sent back to Spain in chains). You’ve spent all your money and are broke because this new world isn’t really India and there is no Spice trade route.

How long would a social justice warrior last? We’re betting about two seconds before throwing a fit over lack of bathrooms, safe spaces, and whining over that spear sticking out of their friend’s chest.

The fact is that Christopher Columbus was the forerunner of expeditions that brought the New World to the Europeans. Without all of that, you and I wouldn’t be here. So stop looking at Christopher Columbus through your pampered social justice warrior existence.

Note: America was named after Amerigo Vespucci, who came after Columbus and was the first to recognize that there were distinct Continents between Spain and the far east.


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