Christian Girl Killed Because She Wouldn’t have Sex with Muslims

By Faye Higbee

Christian Girl Killed Because She Wouldn’t have Sex with Muslims

We hear about ‘diversity’ nearly every day. We are called racist and bigoted if we want those “diverse cultures” to assimilate in to America. Nowhere is that more imperative than with the sex habits of radical Muslim men. A story from Pakistan is a case in point.


“How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing the pleasure of Muslim men.”

That’s what 4 Muslim men shouted at 3 Christian girls who rebuffed their
demands for sex. The men accosted the 3 girls as they walked home from work in an area of Lahore, Pakistan.  The men were from a wealthy part of the city.
The girls told the men that they were Christians and didn’t participate in sex before marriage. The men became enraged and threatened them if they didn’t get into the car they would be forced into it. So the girls ran.
The anger grew to a fever pitch, as they rammed their car into the girls. Two of them were thrown to the side of the car, one broke her hip, another had cracked ribs. The third girl, Kiran, was thrown up and onto the windshield. As the incident progressed, and the car increased its speed, she fell onto the pavement and cracked her head open. She died within minutes.
Because the men were wealthy Muslims, there will likely be no justice for her or her friends. The parents had to pay a bribe just to file a police report.
Go back to what the men shouted at the girls when they began to run:“How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing the pleasure of Muslim men.”
 christian girl killed

Kiran at her burial ceremony in Pakistan

A 1400 year history of violence

Americans are often shocked at the behavior of radical Muslims or the refugees in Europe. But they come from a culture so different, so completely opposite of the foundation of America, that soft-hearted Americans can’t comprehend the behavior.
In an interview by a well-known Swedish author, a Muslim who was convicted of raping a Swedish girl said that “No means yes.” (See Facebook video post below). His thinking was delusional and extremely dangerous…but he is not alone.
Not “isolated”
In Cologne, Germany, when hundreds of German women were sexually molested on New Years Eve…or in Sweden when hundreds of women were molested at a Music Festival…these are NOT “isolated” incidents. They are frequent occurrences in places where the radical Muslims do not assimilate into the culture of the country that has welcomed them.
The radical thought process
In Australia, a high profile Muslim spoke at an event attended by 800 people. He complained that  Muslims were being pressured to “conform” to Australian values because of the Australian National Anthem and their pledge.
The systems westerners cherish are intended to give people the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the world of the radical Muslim, doing what they want to do at the expense of non-Muslims is the definition of “liberty.” Happiness to them is subjugating others in the name of Islam. The right to life is all about following Shariah.
As the narrative grows that we are all bigoted and racist, remember these incidents and ask yourself…is this coming to America?

Swedish Talks about the Rape of a Swedish WomanSwedish immigrant talks about the rape of a Swedish womanPublished on 8 Nov 2014 but extremely relevant today.This is an excerpt from the investigations where a famous writer follows up assorted rapists and see what they have to say about the subject.Category People & BlogsLicence Standard YouTube Licence

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