Chips in Soldier’s Brains? DARPA in Testing Mode

By Faye Higbee

“Brain Neural Interfaces” have not yet been transplanted in soldiers, but testing is underway. Darpa


An article in talks about the shadowy agency known as DARPA’s plans to embed “neural interfaces” in the brains of American soldiers.

Some 300,000 soldiers have experienced traumatic brain injuries from the war int he Middle East. Healing those injuries sounds like a wonderful goal.

But what might be the motive – is it an altruistic one? Or something more sinister? wrote,

A DARPA spokesperson told Fusion that “brain-neural interfaces” are not yet being implanted in soldiers, though research to do so has begun. Defense One, an online magazine that covers the military, reported last year on DARPA’s work on brain chips to treat PTSD, and said that DARPA was not yet in the testing phase. “The military hopes to have a prototype within 5 years and then plans to seek FDA approval,” according to Defense One. When DARPA launched its RAM (Restoring Active Memory) program last year, it projected it would be about four years until researchers were implanting chips in humans.

So what is the purpose? To heal or to harm? To bring healing to traumatic brain injuries, or to create super-soldiers?  They have companies across the U.S. that are researching things under grants issued by their agency.

DARPA – The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DARPA has been responsible for technological advances that have changed the face of our world. They created ARPANET- which eventually became the Internet. They created 3-D mapping, and the personal assistant, SIRI. They are researching telepathic connections, and preventing sleep deprivation, or how to prevent pain in case a soldier is wounded, battlefield robots, insect/animal technology,and smart weapons (like bullets that can change trajectory), and even nano-bots.

But their primary purpose is weapons development…so it begs the question, are all these new testing ideas for good purposes or not?

A book recently written by Annie Jacobsen called “The Pentagon’s Brain,”  the author suggests that there may be a motive toward creating Artificial Intelligence with soldiers. DARPA’s highly classified research projects will continue  as they have since 1958. Will that bring about “killer robots?”  That might be the stuff of SyFy Movies or it may turn out to be real. Only time will tell.