Chinese Communist Party: Why Are They Allowed at White House Briefings?

By Faye Higbee

For the 2nd time in a week, another comrade from a Chinese Communist Party owned media showed up at the April 9th White House briefing. This time it was a male from Dragon TV, an arm of the state-owned Shanghai Media group, which is also a Chinese propaganda organization tied to the Chinese Communist Party. But he lied to the President when he was asked where he was from, and said “Taiwan.” It’s time to clean house, folks, since the White House Correspondents Association is not doing its job, and refuses to vet these reporters.

According to The Pulse, his Facebook page oozes antipathy towards President Trump and the United States, with unflattering images of the U.S. President as well as “news reports” for his Mandarin-speaking audience.”

The organization Yi works for is the second largest Chinese media company and it is state owned. The Shanghai Media Group has its commie fingers in many American companies all across the spectrum. But it’s still an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, and pushes the narrative of the regime.

Shanghai Media Group – CCP money

SMG, as it’s known, is in partnership with the Walt Disney Group for “TV content development, film co-production, content distribution and marketing initiatives.” Broadcasts – news, entertainment – a great way to spread communist propaganda.

They have created partnerships with several American companies – for example, Time Warner, Warner Brothers and various others. In March of 2015, the company merged with other companies from China to end up with $7 Billion in assets. (Hollywood Reporter), They are creating movies, news, both online and on TV which push a specific narrative: that of the CCP.

Is it any wonder the US is struggling to contain the propaganda?

Its current managing Director, Wang Jianjun,  is deputy chief secretary of the Communist Party and a former head of the Shanghai Information Office. Its former head, Li Ruigang, was/is a deputy secretary general of the Communist Party in Shanghai who moved from the position to head of the CMC, a huge funding company. Money talks. Money pushes narratives. Money corrupts. And the CCP- Chinese Communist Party, seems to have the ability to do their own thing here.

Take heed, America. The Chinese people are not the problem here. The Chinese Communist Party is a huge problem. Their media has its claws into America broadcasts and media on every level, from Facebook to Instagram, televisions stations and major movie companies. They even get their reporters into the White House briefings.

Featured photo: screenshot via the White House


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