China Unhappy: Air Defense Upgrade for Taiwan as Pelosi Forced to Cancel Trip

Faye Higbee

In that last few months, at least 250 Chinese warplanes have entered Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone. (We’ve reported on many of those incursions). The US government has approved a $95 Million sale of weaponry to the island nation to upgrade Taiwan’s air defense capability. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency released details of the Patriot Missile system on Tuesday. The purpose of the sale: “training, planning, fielding, deployment, operation, maintenance, and sustainment of the Patriot Air Defense System.” Not only that, but they are furious that Pelosi had planned to stop in Taipei and issued a strong threat. Is China unhappy? Absolutely livid.

“China strongly opposes Pelosi’s visit and has lodged a protest with the US regarding it. Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan should be canceled immediately. Stop official talks with Taiwan. If America moves on its path, China will take strong measures to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity. The US side will be responsible for all consequences arising out of this. I have just made our stand clear.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian

China unhappy about the Patriot Missile system as well as Pelosi

The politicians in Washington who attempt to implement the so-called strategy of containing China with the Taiwan question need to clearly recognize that if US and the Taiwan island collude and dare to touch the three red lines drawn by China’s Anti-Secession Law, the mainland’s response will be gigantic and powerful. At that time, the US and the island will definitely have to swallow the bitterness of playing with fire. It’s not difficult to understand such a warning. 

Chinese Media Global Times

Is China Unhappy?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was scheduled to go to Japan and Taiwan, but supposedly tested positive for Covid-19 so her trip was postponed. (Allegedly) China was ticked off about her trip as well and made no effort to hold back on the rhetoric.

US lawmakers paid three visits to the Taiwan island last year. The PLA’s deterrence operations as a response had gradually elevated and moved closer to the level of combat. The rope around the necks of Taiwan secessionists has become increasingly tight. But Pelosi and her like even want to put one foot on the pedal of the gallows. Washington has been deeply trapped in political polarization. Many of its decisions are being kidnapped by radical public opinion and lost rationality. But the Chinese mainland will never compromise its red lines because of Washington’s “insanity.” The US and Taiwan authorities should read word for word and understand the clear signal sent by the Chinese mainland and should not miss even a single punctuation mark. 

Pelosi is 82 years old. We wish her to recover as soon as possible. Compared with COVID-19, what she should be cured for more is her anti-China bigotry. Time will prove that those who go against China hysterically and recklessly cross the red lines are by no means heroes, but historical sinners, and will be punished ruthlessly.

Chinese media Global Times

We have to agree that Washington is short-sighted and narrow-minded. But will DC stand with Taiwan instead of repressive Communist China? Given what’s happened across the spectrum in the last year or so, that’s a real question.


Featured screenshot: Nancy Pelosi and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian

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