China Told Biden That Their “Red Line Must Not Be Crossed”

china told biden

China told Biden that they will not accept any actions from the United States that confront their human rights violations, saying it is a “red line that must not be crossed.”

Yang added a warning that China’s crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong, its growing aggression toward Taiwan, its brutal occupation of Tibet, and its vicious oppression of the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province are on the far side of a “red line that must not be crossed,” thus signaling total rejection of the human rights concerns expressed by the United States, other Western powers, and human rights groups.

“We in China hope that the U.S. side will fully understand the sensitivity of these issues and handle them with prudence, so as to avoid disruption or damage to mutual trust and cooperation,” he said.

Yang insisted that the ruling Communist Party has the “wholehearted support” of the Chinese people, contradicting the Trump administration’s portrayal of the Chinese as frightened captives of a harsh dictatorship.

Yang Jiechi, Chinese Policy official via Breitbart

China told Biden Hong Kong was part of their “red line”

China told Biden that the US could not interfere with Hong Kong. Hong Kong was a thriving Capitalist society until the Communist Chinese took over and decided to crack down on it. By 2019, their push for Democracy had grown to massive protests over a decade. The vicious attacks on the Hong Kong democracy movement were seen worldwide until the CCP began banning the information coming out of the region in the name of “security.”

Their protests WERE “inspiring” until the CCP used a new law and vicious attacks to suppress the movement. Lawyers were stripped of their law licenses if they defended any of the pro-democracy members. The government adopted a new “security law” which clamped down on protests.

Remember when the CCP forcibly removed the pro-democracy Hong Kong legislators so there would be no opposition at all?

Since the law was introduced, the atmosphere here feels heavier. A blanket of fear suffocates the city. Protests and freedom of speech have been curtailed. Rule by law has been replaced with rule by fear. It’s hard to believe just how quickly the city I fell in love with back in 2013 has changed…

…Now that we are all muzzled by the national security law, free speech is firmly a thing of the past; virtually anything could be deemed a threat to national security under the new law; it applies to virtually anyone.

Kashy Keegan, songwriter, performer (The Guardian)

None of that counts the forced slavery of the Uighur Muslims or the monstrous treatment of Buddhists in Nepal. The aggression against Taiwan and the warnings of war to force it once again to be part of the mainland. Or the crushing of Christians and the demolition of churches in mainland China.

Of course the Chinese Communists don’t want American influence or interference. They want to be as repressive and evil as possible without any accountibility from the world. China told Biden these issues were forbidden. Will he cave?


Featured photo: Screenshot via the Guardian

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