China Threatened Pelosi, Joe Let Them.

Faye Higbee
China threatened pelosi

In a two hour and 17 minute phone call with Xi Jinping on Thursday morning, Joe Biden listened as China threatened Pelosi over her possible trip to Taiwan. Instead of exuding strength in the face of such saber rattling, he did nothing. A strong response that advised XI that if any harm came to Pelosi, it would mean war…would have been nice. But, as usual Biden balked at that.

Playing with fire will set you on fire. I hope the U.S. can see this clearly.

Xi JinPing 7-28-2022

Note: Hu Xijin is now a political commentator and stepped down from the Global Times last year. He is still connected to the Chinese Communist Party, however. One Twitter user remarked in response to him (in Chinese no less):

“You can only yell like a drug-addicted donkey…and in battle you’ll run like a panicked transvestite”.

Shoot them down? Playing with fire? China’s rhetoric has ramped up, thanks to the ineptitude of our Leader of Naptime. Pelosi left for Asia today, according to the media, but she was scheduled to go to several nations and it’s unclear if or when she will actually go to Taiwan. The threat was uncalled for, regardless of their view of Taiwan. And allowing it at all without response was totally foolish.

“Once again, we see the Biden White House failing to be clear on what the United States finds acceptable and unacceptable – and in this case, need to make it clear that should any harm come to Speaker Pelosi and her trip to Taiwan, it’s tantamount to a declaration of war,” he said. “That’s the kind of clarity we need from the commander-in-chief right now. And we’re just not getting it.”…

Waltz told “The Story” that Pelosi backing down or the White House convincing her to stay home would amount to a propaganda victory for Xi – and a silent but obvious diplomatic overture to Indo-Pacific U.S. allies like the Republic of Korea, Australia and Japan that the U.S. may not have their back if they too are threatened by Xi.

“What I wanted to see from Biden was a clearer statement, a policy shift. He slipped in this regard when he was in Japan, where he said absolutely will defend Taiwan. Then his staff walked it back,” he said.

Michael Waltz (R-FL), retired Green Beret commander (Fox)

Biden bowed to Xi Jinping by publicly stating that the trip was “not a good idea” and the military wasn’t in favor of it- a milktoast response that only convinces our allies that we won’t do anything if they are also threatened by China. It also convinces us that this husk of a man should not be in a position of power anywhere. China threatened Pelosi with no pushback at all. Regardless of her politics, she is the third in line to the US Presidency – harming her would be a declaration of war.

Biden’s statements raised eyebrows from legislators and experts alike, who believed that they overstepped the bounds of both the president and the military in attempting to control the personal travel of a sitting member of Congress.

The Epoch Times


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