China Sent 80 Planes Over Taiwan in Two Days: Recon to Find Out How Much the US Will Tolerate? Or Prelude to Invasion?

80 planes

In the past two days, China sent about 80 planes near Taiwan in a show meant to intimidate the tiny island nation, or perhaps make a calculated judgment on whether the US will tolerate them attacking the island. Friday saw the largest incursion of Chinese jets so far, but Saturday brought a second wave near Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone. It is being pegged as the largest incursion of Chinese jets near Taiwan since 1949 when Taiwan became independent.

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According to reports, the AUKUS deal sparked outrage in Beijing. The possibility of war with China escalated with the sharing of military technology, according to the Australian Defense Minister.

Beijing reacted angrily to the deal, denouncing the allies’ ‘Cold War mentality’ while warning it risks stability in the region and could make Australia the target of a nuclear strike.

Shortly after the alliance was announced, Australian defence minister Peter Dutton admitted that war with China is possible – with Taiwan likely to be the flashpoint.

The deal is about securing ‘peace’ in the region, Mr Dutton insisted, but added that the odds of a conflict with China ‘shouldn’t be discounted’.

‘The Chinese.. are very clear of their intent with regard to Taiwan the United States has been very clear of their intention toward Taiwan,’ he said.

‘Nobody wants to see conflict but that really is a question for the Chinese.’

Daily Mail

Friday’s Incursion was at a time of celebration of the founding of the Chinese Communist regime on the mainland.

80 planes
Friday’s Chinese incursion – Screenshot via Daily Mail By Saturday, they sent even more jets

Taiwan scrambled their jets when the incursion occurred, though the Chinese did not violate the ADIZ zone (Air Defense Identification Zone), skirting it in several places. Taiwan Air Defense tracked the planes, according Taiwan.

The first incursion on Friday had 22 Chinese fighters including 18 J-16 jets and four Su-30s accompanied two nuclear-capable H-6 bombers and one Y-8 recon plane. By Saturday the numbers of planes significantly increased. The total for the two day period was around 80. Taiwan activated their missile defense systems.

China has been wantonly engaged in military aggression, damaging regional peace,

Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang 

Taiwan has applied to join a trade agreement that China has also applied to join, which is making the Communist regime even angrier. China views Taiwan as a breakaway province, not an independent nation. Currently, the Royal Navy has been sailing through the region, which China views as a provocation.

What will the US do when/if China attacks Taiwan? Will defense agreements with the tiny nation stand or will our military leadership take a vacation? Maybe Milley will call up Xi and tell him we won’t bother them?


Featured photo: Taiwan defense Ministry

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