Chicago Creates ID Card for Illegals, Says They Can Use it for Registering to Vote.

By Faye Higbee

Liberalism  is most definitely a mental disorder. Chicago has created an ID card specifically for illegals, then said it could be used as a legal means of registering to vote. And then they said it shouldn’t be a problem because illegals would be deterred by the punishment for voter fraud. Anyone else find something wrong with that thought?

“CityKey” will be an official government-issued identification that can work for a library card, transit card, etc.  It can be used by  illegals, and the homeless as well as recently released prison inmates, and all Chicago citizens, according to the City Clerk’s Office.

In a release from the city clerk’s office,

“While originally created to reduce barriers to those who have difficulty accessing government-issued identification, the Program’s goals have since grown to include discounts and other benefits for all of Chicago’s 2.7 million residents. This means that not only will the Chicago CityKey give Chicagoans the dignity and peace of mind that comes along with having a government-issued ID but it will also have the ability to serve as your key to Chicago: serving as your library card, transit card and benefits card for cultural institutions, sports teams and local businesses.”

So they’ve not only come up with a plan for anyone who has problem obtaining government ID, there are benefits too. Now they want everyone to have one.

Illinois News reported,

“[State Board of Elections Spokesman Matt] Dietrich says there is no state requirement to prove citizenship while registering to vote. He’s not expecting a surge in potential voter fraud cases because the process will remain the same.

‘When you go to register to vote, you do check a box that attests to your citizenship,’ Dietrich said.’You are signing a legal document that says, ‘Yes, I am a citizen.’ But no one who registers to vote is required to bring in, for example, a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. That’s something that you check the box, and you attest to it.’

Dietrich believes the penalty for illegally registering to vote is steep enough to discourage those who might be considering it.

‘The main thing that would happen is deportation,’ Dietrich said. ‘If you’re not a citizen, and you have any thoughts of ever attaining citizenship, registering to vote is almost an instant trigger that when you apply for citizenship, you will be deported. That’s one of the first things they check.

President Trump took a battering from the liberals when he stated that 3 million illegals voted in the 2016 election. A study done in 2017 revealed that up to 5.7 million illegals may have voted, although that number is disputed by every liberal on the planet. But when states like California, or even cities like Chicago open the door, it is doubtful that just making a check mark on a “legal document” will deter people who often have difficulty with English.