“Charm Offensive” – Trump Grandkids Win Chinese Hearts

By Faye Higbee

President Trump has a secret weapon with regard to China, and it’s not missiles or even a new warship… it’s his grandkids. Their diplomacy for taking on the Communist leader was simple: sing to him in Mandarin Chinese and then recite Chinese poetry.

Arabella Kushner is just 5 years old. She began learning Mandarin from a Chinese Nanny when she was 18 months old. She and her brother Joseph stood bravely in front of Chinese President Xi JinPing and his wife Madame Peng Liyuan as Arabella sang to them in their native tongue.

The Chinese leaders appeared flattered and smiled through the discourse.

The South China Morning Post noted,

The pair sang the traditional Chinese song, Mo Li Hua (or “Jasmine Flower”), and recited the Three Character Classic for their guests during Xi and Trump’s first face-to-face meeting. Peng sang the same song at different events, with her most famous performance at a 2005 gala…

Arabella, dressed in a simple blue and white dress, also recited two poems by Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) poet Li Bai for Xi and Peng.

Arabella and her mother also showed up at the Chinese Embassy’s Lunar New Year Celebration on February 1. She was dressed in a red dress, a color which has special meaning to the Chinese.

Chinese internet users appear to love the videos that Ivanka has posted about her daughter, as they all seem to go viral. Arabella’s Mom says she “really likes China.”

“Her appearance at the Chinese Embassy, endowed with a certain political and diplomatic significance, could be invigorating to the China-U.S. relationship.” China’s Global Times

All in all, the presence of a little girl who speaks Mandarin Chinese seems to have softened the hard lines of the Chinese leadership. Though in his Daily 1600 report, Trump stated that his meetings with Xi Jinping produced “nothing,” he also stated that he felt they would have a “great great relationship.”

Featured photo via Twitter