Charlottesville White Supremacist, “Random Witness”- Not Who They Seem?

By Faye Higbee

The devil’s in the details, as my Dad used to say. What if both the White Nationalists and Antifa groups went to Charlottesville specifically spoiling for a fight? What if the “White Supremacist” leader Jason Kessler  was planted on purpose to pretend to be a white nationalist? And what if one of the so-called “witness” to the incident was a plant by the Deep State?

Is this guy a fake “white nationalist?”

Let’s examine first Jason Kessler. The SPLC reported that he used to be an Obama supporter and was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. He allegedly turned 180 degrees in the opposite direction in 2016 to suddenly become a White Supremacist.

By golly he even had a meeting with Richard Spencer (the neo-nazi) after the Charlottesville mess. Of course people can “change their minds” but “the leopard can’t change its spots,” so the saying goes. One of the best ways to cement your acceptance into a group is to get arrested while working their side – as Kessler did and was sentenced for misdemeanor assault in May, 2017.

Saul Alinsky told his followers in “Rules for Radicals” that the best way to  foment anger and cries of racism is to pretend to be one of the opposition.

Was this really a “random witness?”

Then there was the so-called “random witness” interviewed by MSNBC and the NYT.   Brennan Gilmore told MSNBC that those “racist Nazis” brutalized the “peaceful protesters.”  Except that Antifa were most certainly not peaceful, and have never been peaceful. And Gilmore was likely a plant as well, since he has ties to George Soros and the State Department.

“And so we go to cause conflict, to shut them down where they are, because we don’t believe that Nazis or fascists of any stripe should have a mouthpiece.” Scott Crow, Antifa organizer

Gilmore was a US State Department employee for 15 years, and once worked for Tom Periello, a candidate for Governor of Virginia.  He managed to get $375,000 from Soros for that campaign. The State Department has scrubbed all references to Mr. Gilmore from their website- why? They were archived previously, but even the archive is gone. That takes some doing.

The Gateway Pundit reported these:

But get this: The New York Times also removed a quote by Gilmore that referenced his time in the US State Department.

Something fishy even from a journalist’s point of view

Michael Yon is an American author, independent writer, columnist and photographer who has been embedded with various combat military units, and has written from numerous countries around the world. His take on the Charlottesville incident is extremely interesting.

There are a lot of things not adding up over the whole mess in Charlottesville. But of course, the MSM has grabbed everyone’s attention and run with their own narrative, which is that Trump is screwed up. Basically that’s their narrative, never mind the details of what he really said or even when he said it.

But the issue is who is real and who is not? Who are the plants, the phonies, the people who were there specifically to cause riots and violence and advance the narrative of the left? It appears that the Deep State is involved and working hard to cause President Trump problems.