Charlottesville Antifa Violence: “Same Script, Different Cast.”

By Faye Higbee

Antifa had little opposition from the white supremacists on the 1 year anniversary of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right Rally” that saw the death of Heather Heyer last year. So the domestic terrorist group went after police, journalists, and caused a hospital lockdown.


The usual left wing politicians like Terry McAuliffe and Kirsten Gillibrand and media ignored the problems caused by Antifa and spewed their anti-Trump messages. Others pretended there were no problems at all. Some glossed over the violence against their own reporters and continued the tirade against Trump instead. And there was aggression agianst reporters:

“Rough and Tumble.” Ok.

As usual, Dinesh D’Souza hit the nail on the head:

He’s correct: the Nazis were LEFT-wing Socialists. “Nazi” is short for National Socialist Party… the problem is that people think Antifa are the good guys and are “standing against the Nazis.” No, they are domestic terrorists who exhibit Nazi tactics.  There are those who think Conservative white people are all KKK.  Not true either. The lines have become so blurred from the words being thrown around that nobody knows anything at this point.

Today could be a repeat of yesterday, as police beef up their presence.



All photos screenshots via Twitter.