Chaos and Dead Cops

Faye Higbee

The Baltimore Sun reported that their city alone had 32 shootings over Memorial Day Weekend (to include early Tuesday morning), bringing the total homicides for 2015 so far to 108. Their one month total of fatal shootings is now at 35.  Chicago posted 36 wounded in weekend violence as 9 were killed.

As those cities continue to fall into a sort of chaos, more police officers are being murdered in unreasoning violence from one end of the US to another: one officer in New Orleans was found dead in his patrol car, and another died during a traffic stop in New Mexico. It is the season for chaos and dead cops.

HANO New Orleans

A Housing Authority Police Officer in New Orleans, Louisiana, was found shot to death in his police car at around 7 am on Sunday. The 45 year old was the first officer killed in the line of duty from that department. He had only been with HANO for two years.

dead cops

A Housing Authority officer was found gunned down in his patrol car on Sunday – WWLTV Twitter photo

The car had apparently hit the curb after someone fatally shot the officer from the driver’s side window. The car was still in drive with the lights flashing when the officer was discovered. The location was a mixed income housing development still under construction.

“NOPD and HANO will work very closely to identify and arrest those responsible for this heinous assault. NOPD and HANO are part of the same close-knit law enforcement family that puts their lives on the line to protect and serve the people of New Orleans. Never are we more aware of the risk they face every day than we are on terrible days like this.” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Rio Rancho police had never had an officer killed in the line of duty either. The 49 year old pulled over a 1999 Dodge Durango. The SUV reportedly had two people in it, a man and a woman. He stopped them, they fled, and he went after them. When he stopped them again, he was shot to death.


a 4 year veteran of the Rio Rancho police force became the first to be killed in the line of duty

“It appears as though it was a traffic stop. It wasn’t the result of the officer looking for them specifically. It appears as though it was circumstances that unfolded in front of the officer.” Rio Rancho Captain Paul Rogers

Police have one suspect in custody, but are looking for  the other suspect. The officer served in the Air Force, and had been on the department for 4 years. He leaves behind a wife and two children.

Chaos- when we do nothing

Neither department, on opposite sides of the country, had ever had a man killed in the line of duty. But in this season of chaos, anti-cop hatred, and out and out murderous intent, ALL of us are in danger, civilians and police alike.

Places like Baltimore and Chicago have stringent gun laws – which have done them no good whatsoever. The more they ratchet down on legal gun owners, the more violence ensues because criminals don’t follow the law.

The more leeway politicians give to violent activists, the less safety exists for the citizens.

The more the radicals fight the cops, the more the cops with either grow more militarized, or thanks to politicians who placate the violence, will back off so far that the bad guys will win (like Baltimore).

In the Second Law of Thermodynamics in physics, things tend to move from order to chaos without intervention. When we do nothing…chaos ensues. Think about it.

“In fact, all we have to do is nothing, and everything deteriorates, collapses, breaks down, wears out, all by itself—and that is what the Second Law is all about.” Isaac Asimov