Cereal Killers Try to Destroy Tony Tiger (Video)

By Faye Higbee

Kellogg’s long time children’s cereal symbol, Tony Tiger, has been used by an activist group called  the “Food Liberation Army” in a series of videos that make the cartoon character look bad. From suicide bombers to vicious police violence, the group has claimed it as “art” when in fact it is terrorism.  The videos are definitely not made for children. It’s character assassination.

Huffington Post reported on part of the content of the video:

“Last night I experienced the worst physical abuse of my life, for no reason,” reads a description of the video at tonyisback.com. “I feel so humiliated, betrayed, my whole body is aching. I am angry but I have not found the courage to fight back. I was so lost, but Tony came and encouraged me to go ahead with my plan to show people.”

Tony the Tiger, in the video, encourages Anna to go through with her “plan” by eating a bowl of sugary Frosted Flakes — “They’re grrrrreat,” he says in his trademark shout.

After eating a bit of the cereal, Anna stands up and shows she has a bomb strapped to her chest, which detonates as the video ends.

Liberals and their stance with terror

An actress named Gina Ferranti listed the damning videos on her resume. Please note the hand gestures in the photo that she posted on Instagram. Though Tony Tiger has used that index-fingered gesture for decades, that it is connected to the current ISIS gesture and suicide bombs is important to note.

The responses

Many of the websites connected to this travesty were taken down after the HuffPost article. Though the creator could have used Tony Tiger to do something socially redeeming, he chose to attempt to assassinate the character and the company behind it.

“As a company grounded in the values of integrity and respect, we recognize people’s right to creative expression. We also believe these videos are offensive and make light of serious issues that deserve real dialogue. Tony is a beloved icon and we will protect the integrity of our brands and our characters.” Kellogg’s Spokesperson in an email to HuffPost

The Tony Tiger video series was linked back to  Jani Leinonen, who had previously been involved in a video using a stolen Ronald McDonald in Helsinki, Finland in 2010. That video showed figures dressed in black like “al-Qaeda” members threatening to cut off the head of Ronald McDonald if the restaurants didn’t comply with their food demands.

When McDonalds failed to engage them because it was in such bad taste, The Food Liberation Army created a replica of Ronald McDonald and beheaded it with a guillotine.

Leinonen was jailed for a whopping 30 hours for his part in the theft of the statue. A slap on the wrist.

Hating sugar, hamburgers and fries

Let’s call such responses “tepid.” References to beheading, bombs, violence…these are not “art,” these are out and out  terrorist moves. The hand sign for ISIS is telling. The reference to suicide bombs is telling. These are true terrorists, and their connection to jihadists is likely, though the motivation is said to be the hatred of fries, hamburgers, and sugar.


The Tony Tiger cartoon is a special part of growing up in America- these asshats have attempted to destroy him. Frankly, we don’t care if Leinonen is from Finland or New York. His “Food Liberation Army” is a terrorist organization. The tepid responses of authorities and companies guarantees they will continue to promote their trashy “art.” They obviously think the whole thing is hysterically funny.

tony tiger

Kellogg’s Company symbol, Tony Tiger

It would be a lot funnier if we surrounded Tony Tiger with a bunch of U.S. Marines and took care of business. That would be “Grrrreat!”