CBP Mark Morgan: Biden’s Open Borders Catastrophe

By Faye Higbee

Biden has promised to not build “one more foot” of the border wall. He has made his stand on “open borders” come hell or high water. And it could be the epitome of that statement if he does what he says he’s going to do. His plans would cost American taxpayers billions of dollars – not just the influx of human traffickers, cartels, and illegals, but wasting the billions for the wall that has already been started.

President Trump is rushing to finish 450 miles of that wall by the end of the calendar year. James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation says Biden’s plan is like “pouring gasoline on a fire.” Amid the so-called “pandemic” having hundreds of thousands of people show up at our border, we’re looking at a potentially deadly problem. Open borders could play havoc with the COVID issue.

open borders

Since Biden was called winner in the election, the number of migrants showing up at the border has already increased significantly. The migrants stuck on the Mexico side of the border celebrated Biden’s win. And Biden has promised to undo ALL of Trump’s immigration policies within 100 days.

“Right now, if you look at what the Biden administration’s policies are going to be, it’s not just about stopping the construction of the border wall,” Morgan said. “It’s about providing amnesty to millions of people.”

He said Biden may even reverse the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention’s (CDC) order to immediately return illegal border crossers back to their country of origin to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“That is not an immigration strategy, mark my words,” Morgan said. “That is an open border strategy.”

“And the cartels and human smugglers already see that loud and clear and are already fueling perceptions that with a change in administrations, our borders are going to be wide open,” Morgan said. “It is absolutely increasing illegal immigration right today.”

Acting CBP Director Mark Morgan on Breitbart

The other side of illegal immigration is the human tragedy, and the ruthless traffickers (coyotes) that prey on people. Children and parents often die in the long trek, families are robbed of their money, and the cartels and traffickers get the benefit. It’s unconscionable. And the Democrats don’t care. They’ve got their lies to keep them warm.

Would-be border crossers flock to pay the cartels to be smuggled into the U.S. The cartels then use their profits to fuel all their other criminal enterprises, including pouring more illegal drugs into American homes, schools and workplaces. 

And don’t forget the human cost of encouraging illegal immigration. It is beyond tragic. Traffickers ruthlessly exploit the people who pay for their “services.” And every step of the way toward an illegal border crossing comes with the danger of rape, robbery, murder, extortion and exposure — not to mention the health risks.

Trafficking is a human rights crime of the first order. Public policies that encourage it, rather than fight it, are just shameful.

James Carafano on Fox

LEGAL immigration is one thing. Illegal immigration is quite another. If Biden’s plans are brought to fruition, it will be even worse than it was when all the caravans were coming to our borders. It’s a crisis brewing and it must be stopped before our nation is destroyed.


Featured photo: White House photo of a portion of the border wall

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