Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Cause of Death Not A Fire Extinguisher- NYT Deceiving America in Attempt To Get Trump?

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Originally, the New York Times and other media outlets stated that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died after being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher during the January 6th riot. The Democrat impeachment managers used that as evidence during the trial to show that it was all Trump’s fault by playing on people’s emotions. Now we learn that the whole “fire extinguisher” story may not have been true at all.

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The Lie

But the media and people like Pelosi played it up, with Brian Sicknick lying in state at the Capitol rotunda for dramatic effect. The House stated they may pursue murder charges against Trump for his death. Only… Officer Sicknick apparently didn’t die from blunt force trauma. He actually was able to come back to his office before he collapsed. What’s going on?

UPDATE: Officer Sicknick’s own mother specifically stated to the Epoch Times that her son was NOT hit in the head on Jan 6th.

 KHOU in Houston reported that Officer Sicknick actually died of a stroke, with no mention of a fire extinguisher. They reported it on January 8th, two days after the riot. Most of us who write up the news regurgitated the story of the fire extinguisher. Using his death as an opportunistic tool against President Trump was lower than low.

 Fox News’s Tucker Carlson (relying on a report from the website Revolver News) had just reported that Sicknick was not taken to the hospital directly from the Capitol. To the contrary, not only had the officer made it back to police headquarters; he had texted his brother hours after the siege, stating that although he had been “pepper sprayed twice,” he was “in good shape.” Moreover, Carlson pointed to a CNN report on February 2, to the effect that, according to unidentified law-enforcement officials, medical examiners had found no evidence of blunt-force trauma on Sicknick’s body and concluded the fire extinguisher account was not true.

Andrew McCarthy, Yahoo News (National Review)

Fake News

House impeachment managers used the story as fact when it was nowhere near fact. And the NYT waited until after the impeachment vote to come clean.

It truly was a tragedy that Officer Brian Sicknick died. Two other Officers killed themselves for unknown reasons. Those are tragedies as well. The Democrats tried to use it against Trump, and have been found out once again as liars. For using their loved one’s death as a tool to attack President Trump, the family of Brian Sicknick should sue the Democrats for everything they’ve got or will ever get.


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