Canadian Defence Department Confirms Chinese PLA Were Observing Military Exercises

Canadian defence department

Canada’s liberal government invited the Chinese PLA to observe Canadian winter survival exercises in February of 2018. The Canadian Defence Department confirmed that Chinese PLA Troops were in Canada, but stated they were there only for observation of “non-sensitive” exercises. But the top Canadian Defence Official General Jonathan Vance, cancelled the plan for 2019 after the U.S. advised them that there could be problems with their relationship to China.

When Ezra Levant, the Founder of Rebel News, sent a public records request to the Canadian government, he received unredacted documents back by mistake. Those documents revealed a “relationship” with the Chinese PLA that may not have been advantageous to Canada, but was certainly a gift of information for China.

According to the New York Post, Prime Minister Trudeau was “disappointed” in the cancellation of the military exercises, and another department in the Canadian government was also highly upset at the cancellation. They were concerned that China would view it as retaliation for their kidnapping of two Canadian citizens known abroad as the “Two Michaels.” Who, by the way, have been in Chinese custody for two long years with no end in sight.

China affirmed Thursday that Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor will face a national security trial as Canada and its allies urged Beijing to release the pair, saying they were being arbitrarily imprisoned. Airdrie

But was China only sending innocent observers, or were they sending spies? Spies is a logical answer. And Trudeau played right into their hands. Were these innocent “observations” by the Chinese military or were they involved in actual “training.” Knowing that China has designs on world domination, it is highly unlikely that they were just casually “observing.”

The Canadian response:

The Department of National Defence has confirmed China’s People’s Liberation Army was indeed on Canadian soil in February of 2018 for the Canadian Armed Forces winter training exercises.

But DND insists they were there merely as observers.

“We do not train with the PLA,” a DND spokesperson told the Toronto Sun. “However, based on an agreement signed in 2013, there has been the occasional, reciprocal granting of observer-status for non-sensitive activities, including winter survival exercises.”

The Canada-China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreement came into practice in 2014 when Stephen Harper was still prime minister.

The Toronto Sun

From Ezra’s point of view:

“That cold weather warfare that you’re referring to was just one of 18 different joint projects the Canadian armed forces had with the People’s Liberation Army in 2019 alone,” Levant said. “Canada is training one and two star Chinese generals in our war colleges; we’re training lieutenants, and majors, commanders; we’re sending Canadians over to China; we’re bringing Chinese — I think they’re not just soldiers, I think they’re spies as well — to Canada, and I don’t know a single person in this country who knew about it, but it’s been happening, and we found out about it really by accident when the government sent me freedom of information documents and forgot to black them out or maybe, frankly, someone inside the government wanted to blow the whistle on this incredibly upside down relationship.”

In those same memos you’re talking about, Trudeau’s office was supporting China and condemning the Trump administration. It was upside down, it was inverted morality. It’s seeping all the way into our bureaucracy, our diplomacy, and they’re trying to get the military onside too,” Levant added.

“…In these memos, you can see that the Trump Administration warned Canada that this winter warfare training would transfer knowledge to China that could be used. Now, they don’t explain, would it be used to take on Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Tibetans to fight India in the Himalayas, or even to fight us? And when the military, the Canadian military, said our American allies, or our allies are concerned about this, Trudeau’s staff pushed back and said, is it just the Trump Administration, or is anyone else worried about it? So, there’s an antipathy toward America that seeps through all these secret documents, and the overarching goal is to let China’s president Xi Jinping save face.”

Daily Wire/Ezra Levant on Tucker Carlson

Even as the Canadian Defence Department assures everyone that they do NOT “train” with the PLA, Levant’s documents contain some disturbing connections, sanctioned by the Canadian government. So WHY does Justin Trudeau think that China is trustworthy on anything, especially after they lied about the pandemic? It’s an enigma. The two gentlemen in the following video have some ideas about that:


Featured photo: screenshot via the Toronto Sun video

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