Canadian Church Sent Police Packing After an Attempt to Shut Them Down in Holy Week

canadian church

This is Holy Week for Christians. But in the age of Covid, things have been sketchy for worshiping. In John Wesley’s England, Police showed up at a Good Friday service on April 2 at a Catholic church in the UK and told everyone it was “unlawful” and they had to leave. They dutifully left. The situation was a bit different when police showed up at a Canadian church and the pastor told them in no uncertain terms they had to leave and sent them packing.

In the name of Covid, London’s Double Standard

In London, a Catholic Mass was disrupted then police arrived and told parishioners they had to leave because it was an unlawful assembly. In the name of Covid. The parishoners left.

Twitter users were incensed, since London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan allowed Muslim services to continue uninterrupted.

“Meanwhile Muslim gatherings in London proceed interrupted. Not that they shouldn’t be allowed to, but there’s a double standard that Sadiq Khan is more than happy to ignore…everything but mosques.” @stillgray

“this is just lets push those who would oppose the least?” @ISSACKLARK

“What’s “unlawful” is any government that tells any worshipper that it is unlawful to worship and to interrupt that worship and force people to leave.” @WantToDieOnMars

Fighting back against tyrannythe Canadian church

The situation was decidedly different in Calgary, Alberta. Artur Pawlowski, the Pastor of the Cave of Adullam Church shouted down police who came to demand that everyone leave the service because of Covid restrictions during Holy Week.

“Please get out – immediately get out of this property… I do not want to hear a word!”

“Out of this property you Nazis! Gestapo is not allowed here!” “Out, Nazi! Out! Nazis are not welcome here! Do not come back here you Nazi psychopaths!”

Artur Pawlowski (Gateway Pundit)

This is how you handle police who enter a church without a warrant. They’re lucky they only got a tongue-lashing: s. 176 of the Criminal Code makes it a crime to disturb a church service. Those @CalgaryPolice thugs were breaking the law (and knew it).” @ezralevant

Here’s the video from the Canadian church.

Why did he shout at the police in that manner? He’s Polish- and the history of Poland with “nazis” is not good.

Generally speaking, most Christians are pro-law enforcement…except during Covid. When police attempt to shut down churches from worshiping, there is a conflict between following God and following man. California and New York, as well as other blue states spent an entire year attacking churches until the Supreme Court rocked their world and told them to stop. Pastor Pawlowski forced the police to leave the building in shame. Likely they’ll be back with a warrant at some point, unless they have a shred of integrity and tell their bosses to shove it.


Featured photo: screenshot of Calgary Police at church

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