Can Portland Quell the Violence? Chief Has a Plan.

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Can Portland quell the violence with a kinder, gentler, law enforcement? Well, no. Can they quell the violence by gaining back some of the units they lost with the ‘summer of defunding police?’ Not then, either. On Wednesday, Antifa rioters once again targeted the Police Union building, vandalizing it yet again and attempting to break down the door. The Police Chief says he has a plan to stop the violence.

There have been 129 shootings in Portland just since January 1, according to the Portland Police Bureau. That’s about 1 person shot per day. So how can Portland quell the violence? Not by being woke, that’s for sure. Especially with the Multnomah County DA refusing to prosecute most of the violators.

Chief Lovell wants to re-establish a uniformed patrol team, with implicit bias training, to respond to and prevent shootings. He wants to re-establish shooting review meetings that identify those most at risk of being involved in gun violence. Chief Lovell wants to establish an investigative team that would be on-call and available to respond to shootings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of this, according to Chief Lovell, would be subject to community oversight.

“I think it’s important to balance the urgency of this crisis but be thoughtful on what we implement, how we implement it, how we communicate it,” Chief Lovell said last Thursday.

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Memorandum from Portland po… by KGW News

What these “woke” officials can’t seem to grasp is that without consequences, criminals will not stop being criminals. Portland gangs have been increasing exponentially, according the DA. Will Portland quell the violence with strong measures? That’d be a not likely.

Portland politicians have been conducting an experiment in public safety over the last year; what happens when you disband a police unit designed to target the most prolific violent offenders, slash the department’s budget by nearly $20-million, and portray law enforcement as a bigger problem than the violent criminals they’re supposed to be arresting?

The answer? You get the highest homicide rate in nearly 30 years, with no relief in sight. According to the Portland Police Bureau, there have already been more than 100 shootings in the city so far this year, and Multnomah County Chief Deputy District Attorney Kirsten Snowden is one of those now sounding the alarm.

Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms

Portland defunded several important programs of their police. They’ve tried the kinder, gentler approach in order to pander to the leftist mob. And that never works. Chief Lovell wants to bring back some of the units lost to the “defund the police” movement. That’s nice, but without a legal system that brings real consequences, it will be in vain.

Can Portland quell their violence? Not without guts to make real changes.


Featured photo: Photo of Police union building from Portland Police Bureau in 2020

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