Camp Pendleton Marine GySgt Kyle Wetter Helps Save Child from Car Fire

By Faye Higbee

On December 7, a family was driving along Mission Road in Fallbrook, California, when a gas can fell off another vehicle either beside or in front of them and wedged itself under their car. The can caught fire, engulfing the car in flames. A Camp Pendleton Marine, GySgt Kyle Wetter, happened to be right behind them, and immediately jumped into action, running toward the fire. (Sofrep)

kyle wetter
Screenshot of car fire

Both parents in the vehicle managed to get out, but the father was desperately attempting to get his 18 month old daughter out of the back seat and struggling with it. The seatbelt was locked. Kyle Wetter quickly pulled out his knife and slashed the car seat so that the little girl could be removed. The North County Fire Department said that though they were on the way, they could not have reached the car in time to help.

North County Fire Captain Choi stated that it’s “hectic” in those times when something goes wrong and if you don’t have a plan, it’s extremely difficult to get back to what to do. Fortunately, GySgt Kyle Wetter, a new father of triplets, was quick to make a difference.

From the time it happened to the time the car was fully engulfed was four or five minutes…Immediately heard the mom say her baby’s in the car…

Seatbelt was locked. The dad wasn’t going to get it out as much as he tried other than taking the baby out of the seat and even at that point, the fuel tank could’ve ruptured on the car. There’s just a lot of variables that go into it that you never think about…

…What I would hope is anybody in my situation would help out.We’re all in this together. This life of ours is not just a single person — you’re not in it alone. And that’s what I took away from it. If my wife and my children were in that car, I would hope there was someone like myself that was willing and able to help out.

Gunnery Sgt Kyle Wetter to Fox5

Featured photo: screenshot of GySgt Kyle Wetter and the fire that engulfed the vehicle.

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