Camp 7 – US Closes the Most Secure Unit of Gitmo, Moves Prisoners

Camp 7 at Guantanamo Bay was closed by the military

Camp 7, also known as Task Force Platinum, was once one of the most secure parts of the Gitmo Prison facility in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay). Its existence was secretive, as it was utilized by the CIA for clandestine operations with “high value” suspects. It opened in December 2006. US Southern Command closed the Camp and released that information on Sunday. They did not mention how many prisoners were transferred or when, but previous research showed that it was perhaps 14 out of the 40 prisoners still at Guantanamo.

The prisoners were moved to Camp 5, which is adjacent to Camp 6, where the other detainees are being held. Camp 7, the military says, was falling in to disrepair, which is the reason for the move. The prisoners were “moved
safely with no incidents.” The history of Camp 7 is shrouded in secrecy.

Somewhere on this isolated outpost, strictly off-limits from the Pentagon’s media tour, is a secret prison camp housing 15 alleged senior al Qaeda captives called ”high-value detainees.” It is Camp 7, and run by a special unit code-named Task Force Platinum.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, called KSM, is here. He’s the alleged al Qaeda kingpin whom the CIA this week confirmed it covertly waterboarded somewhere overseas to break his will, using a technique that simulates drowning and is widely condemned as torture.

Six months after he got here, transcripts show, KSM confessed to plotting a virtual, global campaign of terror — everything from the Sept. 11 assaults on New York and the Pentagon to the never-realized assassinations of American presidents.

Also here is Majid Khan, a 27-year-old suburban Baltimore high school graduate who KSM allegedly asked to research one unrealized plot. Khan told a military panel that he was so desperate in his earliest months here that he gnawed at the artery in his arm, wanting to die.

Who runs this camp? Who built it? How does it function? Who comes and goes and gets to talk the detainees? When and how will they see lawyers?

Miami- Herald 2008

The Military originally had planned to ask for money to renovate Camp 7, but dropped the plan and moved the prisoners instead. The camp has “structural issues” according to the Pentagon.

The military long refused to even acknowledge the location of Camp 7 on the base and has never allowed journalists to see the inside of the facility. Officials had said that unit, which was never designed to be permanent, had structural issues and needed to be replaced, but the Pentagon dropped plans to seek money for the construction.

Among those held at Camp 7 were the five prisoners charged with war crimes for their alleged roles planning and providing logistical support for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

President Joe Biden has said he intends to close Guantanamo, but that would require approval from Congress to move some prisoners to the United States for trial or imprisonment.

The Epoch Times


Featured photo: Camp 7 – screenshot via Google Earth

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