Camarillo High School Teacher tells Her Class She Lost $100 Because Trump wasn’t shot on Inauguration Day

By Faye Higbee

Camarillo, California -A Rancho Campana High School teacher told her class that she lost a $100 bet because President Donald Trump wasn’t assassinated on Inauguration Day. One parent in particular is highly upset over the issue, saying her son was frustrated over the constant left wing comments against the President.

Correction from earlier post: It was not Adolfo Camarillo High School, it was Rancho Campana.

The school has done nothing

“A public school teacher using classroom time to share with students how she lost a bet because the president was not shot on Inauguration Day is beyond reprehensible to me and I do not see how the school district does not find this troubling as well.” Jane Germaine

Being a Conservative in California is like being an endangered species. Maybe worse.

“Teachers telling students that Trump hates women, Fox News is ‘fake’ news, it’s raining so much in Southern California these days because Trump is president, a teacher telling students she is estranged from certain family members because they are conservative — I could go on and on…How is a 15 or 16-year-old supposed to process what this means, especially if their family is conservative, approves of Trump and watches Fox News?”

And to top it off, the school has ignored the problem.

“My husband and I feel that our concerns have been completely dismissed by the school and the school district and they are just hoping that we forget about this and go away.”

So, Mrs. Germaine contacted Todd Starnes at Fox News.  He contacted the school and has thus far been ignored as well. Not particularly smart on their part.

So what does it take to have a school district fire a teacher who openly talks about betting on assassinating the President of the United States? No amount of liberal gobbledygook can possibly justify this behavior.

“If my son were to say such comments, even remotely similar in nature, he most likely would have been escorted out of class, I would have received a phone call, law enforcement notified and my son would have been suspended or expelled.” Jane Germaine

You’ve got that right. There are zero tolerance policies for students, but nothing for teachers? This hatefest is an epidemic, especially in California.