The Caliphate of Political Correctness pt.3- The Factions

By Ioannis Stratakis

Factions, sub-factions and schools of thought within the Caliphate.

And yes the time that you all have been waiting for has come, time to talk about the factions of the Caliphate.

Destroy Western Civilization is the ultimate goal

Besides the common traits all SJWs share, there are also many differences among the factions, sub factions and schools of thought (often contradictory to each other) within the Caliphate.

Though it seems that each faction or school of thought serves a separate purpose, in reality they all work together in their constant effort to destroy the foundations of Western civilization.

The cunning ways and techniques used by them are commendable as they have become masters of psy-ops tactics and language manipulation in order to push their agenda.

For instance, instead of stating they want to destroy the nation, state they claim to be fighting against “racism” and “intolerance.” Instead of clearly stating that they view whites as the cancer of the planet, they claim that whites are a ‘privileged’ group and focus on white guilt.

Also in many cases they combine words in such a way that even the idea of disagreeing with their views on any matter will make you look like Hitler reincarnate.
Groups that want to destroy nation states hide behind terms such as ‘humanitarian,’ ‘human rights groups,’ etc. Therefore if you dare disagree you are automatically against humanity against human rights etc.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement clearly has managed to have the moral high ground in any argument just by its name. If you disagree or actually if you aren’t supportive of them, immediately there is a presumption that you disagree with the idea that black lives matter, therefore you are a Grand Dragon of the KKK.
After this lovely prologue, without further ado let’s begin the presentation of some the major factions.

The Factions #1- The Humanitarians

The biggest of the major factions, as well as a separate school of thought with many sub-factions is the ‘Humanitarian’ one. This one includes human rights groups, ‘anti-racist’ organizations, civil rights groups and of course pacifist/anti-war movements.

This school of thought grew so big after the French Revolution that now is a powerful lobby which spreads from politicians to church officials.
caliphateEnvironmentalist/Animal Rights Faction

After them follows the environmentalist/animal rights faction, in this case there isn’t really much to say since if you talk to any of their SJWs you’ll understand that the lack of protein in their diet, too much pot, or a plain ‘captain planet syndrome’ (I am a good person, I protect earth etc.) makes it impossible to have a rational conversation.

Basically their beliefs are more or less that we shouldn’t have evolved since we destroyed earth in the process and that we are sadistic killers who eat other earth beings. Their sub-factions include vegetarian and vegan groups.
Queermunity_001The LGBT etc. Faction

Moving on, we stumble upon the LGBTQ(+RDBGGSGHVSFHHHDRYH they tend to add new things every day so you can never be sure what the title of the day is) groups.

They have been around since the 60s and 70s but nowadays they have established themselves as a powerful lobby which dictates policy. Their sub factions include the ones that want to exonerate pedophilia. Enough said.

fem1The Feminist Faction

Of course, how could someone forget the feminist faction. Besides being a great thing to search for in Youtube when you’re bored, they’re actively pushing an agenda that seeks to destroy traditional family and the ‘Patriarchy’.

Basically they want to destroy the most ancient of all the institutions of not only the Western Civilization but mankind itself. Still extremely funny to search for feminist cringe compilations on Youtube. Their sub factions are so many that I’m not even going to bother mentioning them.

sjw_bullhorn_trump_ben_garrison1 athensprotestagainstmemorandum150715The Cultural Marxists

Last but not least the leftist/Cultural Marxist faction. Though leftists and Cultural Marxists can be found in every faction of the caliphate, they are a separate entity of their own.

By far the most degenerate of all the previously mentioned factions, their hatred for Western civilization is so great that they know no boundaries in enforcing their agenda.

During the last decade they managed to slowly overtake the democratic platform and enforce their delusional ideals, which is now the policy of the Democratic Party. We can all coexist race is a social construct, capitalism is bad, socialism hasn’t been truly enforced yet etc.

They can be identified as the grandchildren of the smelly hippies that would spit on American Troops coming home from Vietnam-regarding the States. In the rest of the world they are the grandchildren of other-equally stinky-hippie factions.

The apologetic right -weakness, not strength 

The Caliphate and its many factions of course wouldn’t be as powerful today if it wasn’t for the-always apologetic-Right. The Right that was afraid to be labeled as something bad therefore would give in to the Caliphate’s whining and complaining.

The Right that, being truthful to its own delusions about being ‘fair and just’, would slowly give in and eventually adopt the slave morality (go ahead – be offended), that intelligent revenge of the weak.

It is the same ‘Right’ that declares that our enemies, the people who want to destroy and annihilate us (including their families), have rights and should be treated ‘humanly’. Basically it’s the fault of those who have come to be known lately by the title ‘cuckservative’.