Caliphate of Political Correctness Pt.2

By Ioannis Stratakis

The mentality and beliefs that distinguish average Caliphate supporters (Social Justice Warriors):


As I mentioned in the first part of this series of articles,  I will focus on the actions, beliefs and ulterior motives of the many factions that constitute this weird coalition that I refer to as the Caliphate of Political Correctness- there are some distinct features that are common between all the members of the caliphate, regardless of which faction they belong in.

These traits, whose origin can be traced in the teachings of the Caliph (Rousseau) and the ideals born during the French Revolution, are what we could identify as the core beliefs of the Caliphate in general.

These traits are guilt-envy (it could be either or, or even both depending on the persons ethnicity), borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder as well as… basically traits of all the personality disorders can be found when examining members of the caliphate.

Last but not least, the last trait is pure hatred for western civilization that is more or less seen as the cancer of the planet.

white privilege, anyone?

Guilt-Envy: The so called privileged groups (the list of whom is constantly renewed by the Polit Bureau which dictates the caliphates policies) are under constant attack in a, so far successful, attempt to create guilt among their members.

On the other hand everyone who is thought to belong to an underprivileged/dispossessed group is taught to envy and hate everyone who can be seen as privileged since, according to Rousseau’s teachings, they ‘owe’ them.


Screenshot from body camera

Personality disorders: Oh boy, I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation, just approach a social justice warrior and confront him with facts.

He, she, it, bir, gwec or whatever is the appropriate pronoun for the day will go into a panic attack, shouting and screaming hysterically while giving to everyone else the impression that a stroke or heart attack is imminent to follow.


Finally, hatred for the West: The western civilization personifies the chains that oppress them and their precious feelings. Therefore, these chains must be broken so that they can be free.

Everything that is a product of western civilization or contributed in its expansion and greatness is demonized and has to be abolished. The nation state, capitalism and most important of all the Patriarchy have to be destroyed.

Personally I thanked them for creating the best civilization the world has ever known. Go ahead and feel offended.

These 3 traits are the basics every social justice warrior needs in order to be initiated as a member of the Caliphate, then just like in the military, he will go through some advanced training depending on which faction he belongs to, acquire special skills and  move on with his mission.

In the next part I’ll start analyzing the various factions of the Caliphate.