California Judge Says Coffeemakers Must Put Cancer Warning Label on Coffee. Coffee.

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California Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle ruled on Wednesday that coffee retailers must place a cancer warning label on coffee. You know, the black stuff that makes the world go ’round every morning? That liquid that allows workers to work, and people to enjoy their day.

The ruling stems from a chemical that is created during the roasting process: acrylamide.

“The substance is present in many of our foods, not just coffee. There was a minor scare about it being in French fries, and foods that are cooked in higher temperatures. Demonstrating a direct cause to cancer is very difficult. You always have to put a [suspected] risk into perspective.” J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, the deputy chief medical officer for the American Cancer Society to Fox News

Gosh I haven’t ever seen a warning label on my fries, have you? And since I have been drinking coffee every day for the last ** years, and still don’t have cancer, I’m thinking that judge is drinking Moonbeam Brand Kool-Aid. It’s all because…California.

According to Forbes.

“Coffee has been shown, over and over again, to be a healthy beverage,” said William Murray, President & CEO of the National Coffee Association (NCA) in a statement, in response to the recent verdict. “This lawsuit has made a mockery of Prop 65, has confused consumers, and does nothing to improve public health.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) itself has largely pardoned coffee itself as a possible carcinogen. “After thoroughly reviewing more than 1000 studies in humans and animals,” the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer website reads, “the Working Group found that there was inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity of coffee drinking overall. Many epidemiological studies showed that coffee drinking had no carcinogenic effects for cancers of the pancreas, female breast, and prostate, and reduced risks were seen for cancers of the liver and uterine endometrium. For more than 20 other cancers, the evidence was inconclusive.”

First, Judges do not make “law” – this is a ruling by a judge who decided the defendants couldn’t produce enough evidence to show how much carcinogen was actually in their coffee. Makes me want to put a warning label on California and its courts. #ProgressiveInsanity and #MoonbeamMania. They’d deserve it. California has done everything in its nutjob power to destroy anything enjoyable.  James Woods left us with this tweet:

That about says it all.

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