Cackling Kamala in Poland. God Help Us.

Faye Higbee
cackling kamala

Cackling Kamala was supposed to go to Europe as an “emissary” not a deal maker. During her visit to Poland, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris announced that the U.S. will give another $53 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine on top of the $54 million already announced. Wait, I thought she was just an emissary and not supposed to make any deals??? She is an embarassment.

During a press briefing with the Polish leader, cackling Kamala awkwardly laughed when asked about Ukrainian refugees. Which isn’t funny. Some of us think she’s just in so far over her head that she cackles uncontrollably at the slightest sign of a crisis or something she can’t answer. Which might be anything. Or everything.

She tried to say something profound:

“…together, everyday, we are all united in our unitedness and will remain united as long as, together, everyday, we strive to unite all who, together, are united.”

Cackling Kamala

Word salads. How did she get through law school?

“If you watch Kamala Harris, how could you send her anywhere?

She is such an example of weakness and ignorance that having her in Poland and Romania weakens, it doesn’t strengthen, the Western alliance.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

“You can tell that the Biden administration is getting serious. They have unleashed their ultimate weapon, cackle diplomacy. The warhead is nicknamed Harris, and it is now in Poland cackling away.”

Roger Kimball, Spectatorworld


Featured screenshot via Twitter

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