C-4 Explosives Missing From Marine Base.

By Faye Higbee

Around 10 pounds of C-4 Explosives are missing from Twentynine Palms Marine Base after a joint training exercise. Officials believe the explosives were stolen. The incident occurred about two weeks ago, a reward has been offered and an investigation launched.

“Out of respect for the investigative process, NCIS does not comment on or confirm details relating to ongoing investigations.”

Jeff Houston, a spokesman for NCIS, in an email.

C-4 explosives are among the most powerful explosives manufactured. Officials did not provide any details other than the basics. NCIS and the affected units are handlng the investigation at this point.

The unit’s commanding officer is considering extending the training exercise until the explosives are found, sources said. They also confirm the commanding officer messaged subordinate commands about a monetary reward for any information leading to the discovery of the C-4…

…A spokesperson for NCIS Public Affairs wrote to ABC 10News, “Out of respect for the investigative process, NCIS does not comment on or confirm details relating to ongoing investigations.”


The Marine Corps Times reported that the 2nd Marine Division, based out of Camp Lejeune, and the 2nd Marine Air Wing, based out of Cherry Point are both currently participating in the military exercise. Camp Pendleton also has units participating. The base is not on lockdown in spite of the possible theft.

Composition C-4 is very stable, and malleable like modeling clay which makes it easy to shape so that the blast goes in the direction where it needs to be. The explosive can only be detonated with a shockwave that is created when a detonator is inserted into the material. It reportedly doesn’t blow up when dropped. Military C-4 has a high concentration of RDX and has a different composition than commercial plastic explosives.

Experts who have experience with C-4 say that it only takes one pound of the material to blow up a car. Ten pounds are missing.

C-4 has commonly been used by terrorists. We hope that’s not what happened to this 10 pounds of it.


Featured photo: wikimedia commons

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