C-130 Crashed in Afghanistan – 11 Dead

Jalalabad, Afghanistan – The Taliban immediately claimed responsibility for shooting down a C-130 in Afghanistan that killed 6 U.S. Air Force personnel and 5 civilian contractors near the Jalalabad airport. The airport has been the site of numerous attacks in the past.


C-130 (twitter photo)

The crash occurred at around midnight on Friday, local time. The contractors were working on “Resolute Support”, which is a Training Mission in Afghanistan.

Taliban claims

The Taliban are well known to make exaggerated battlefield claims. A spokesman for the U.S. Military, stated in an email to CNN,

“With high confidence, it does not appear at this time that enemy fire was involved in the aircraft crash. We have first responders on scene working at the crash site doing recovery operations.” Maj. Tony Wickman, Military spokesman

Zabiullah Majahid, a Taliban spokesman made the claims on Twitter. But as usual, their bragging may not be rooted in truth.

The crash

The C-130 Hercules is a 4 engine aircraft made by Lockheed Martin that has been in service since the 1950’s to transport troops and heavy gear. The aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff, and the debris field was all on the airfield. An investigation is underway to determine the actual cause of the crash.

Names of the deceased have not been released, pending notification of families. Four of the airmen came from Texas’ Dyess Air Force Base, and two came from Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts.