Busch, Frito-Lay Trucks Crash, Spilling Beer and Chips on Highway

By Eric Williams

In a couch potato’s wet dream come to life, a truck loaded with Busch beer crashed into a Frito-Lay truck, spilling beer and chips all over a Florida highway. Even though the crash occurred in the middle of the night, within one hour hundreds of motorists had pulled over to set up an impromptu party.

What happened?

“Florida Highway Patrol said the tractor-trailer carrying Busch beer was driving southbound on I-95 when the driver attempted to move into the center lane and swerved to avoid another vehicle.┬áThe front of the Busch beer truck then struck the Frito-Lay truck, prompting the Frito-Lay truck to overturn and spill beer and chips onto the roadway.”


Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but the driver of the beer truck was ticketed for reckless driving. People began setting up lawn chairs, and several nearby residents brought out flat screen TV’s. Some college students even dragged a couple of futons to the roadside.

Some motorists asked Florida Highway Patrol officers if they could hang out all day at the scene of the accident until the next March Madness basketball games were televised. They tried to convince the officers they could survive the day on chips and beer, and would then have a big watch party.

There was a range of emotions among witnesses to the wreck. One onlooker, Tyler Kong, reacted in shock at the sight of snacks and adult beverages scattered across the roadway, crying out, “Oh, the brewmanity!”

Two great tastes that go great together…

The shaken truck drivers each blamed the other for the tragedy. “You got beer all over my chips!” yelled the Frito-Lay driver. “You got chips in my beer!” the Busch truck driver shouted back.

As some gathered snacks and containers of beer from the highway, several members of the Highway Patrol prepared a roll of road spikes, ready to deploy in case a truck carrying buffalo wings came down the highway. Other motorists gathered in small groups, praying for a truck loaded with queso and/or salsa to happen by.

It was a classic case of Floridians pulling together in the face of adversity and making the best of a bad situation.