Burbank Restaurant Defied City Covid Rules; City Built a Fence Around the Restaurant so it Couldn’t Reopen.

burbank restaurant

Let’s call them ‘Covidictators in Commifornia.’ When the owners of the Burbank Restaurant TinHorn Flats Saloon and Grill began serving customers outside, the city of Burbank began fining them. On Saturday, the city put up a “fence” (complete with cement footings) around the building so the owners couldn’t open the business. At a time when states and cities are reopening their economies, Burbank continues to keep at least this business in bondage. The business reportedly owes $50,000 fines from the ordeal. (The Epoch Times)

City workers setting the fence in place

The city of Burbank put sand bags in front of the door to keep people out of Baret Lepejian’s establishment . The owner’s son took them down. Police arrested him on April 6 (it was the 3rd time doing it). Lucas Lepejian, 20, was released the same day, and is supposed to appear at a later date.

Screenshot via TinHorn Flats on Instagram. The sign reads “You don’t lock down Freedom”

The city of Burbank also had a judge order the power cut to the building in March. (So much for private property). But on Saturday, the city put up a chain link fence, complete with cement footings to keep people away. As of April 9, the Burbank restaurant has been advised they cannot reopen without obtaining new permits.

1. We only opened outdoors to customers during the lockdown. We never served inside.

2. Employees followed all mask rules.

3. Even after our CUP was “taken away” we still followed every rule on the CUP and Health Permit.


Instagram post for Tinhorn Flats

The lockdowns in California included a ban on outdoor dining, so the business was stuck with orders to stay closed. They did not comply. Burbank Chief of Police Scott LaChasse has his officers standing by to allegedly “keep the peace.” The Mayor Bob Frutos and Council members in Burbank appear to be on a power trip that exceeds reason, even after the restrictions are to be lifted by June 15 across the state. Protesters both for Tinhorn Flats and against them have made their opinions known. Those who are fighting for the business have filled out affidavits, and phoned in to City Council meetings…all to no avail so far. Mr. Lepejian will appear on Hannity tonight at 6 p.m. PST.

“You cannot possibly have a broader basis for any government than that which includes all the people, with all their rights in their hands, and with an equal power to maintain their rights.”

William Lloyd Garrison, publisher of The Liberator 1805-1879


Featured photo: Screenshot

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