Brussels Train Station – Suspect Wearing Explosives Belt Neutralized

By Faye Higbee

The Central Train station in Brussels, Belgium was evacuated after reports of explosions and gunfire. A man wearing an explosive belt was “neutralized” (shot) by Belgian police inside the main train station in the city. The Grand Place, a large shopping center was also evacuated.

Police and media described the explosion as “small.” The BBC called it an “incident” and did not mention that it was an attack. Police stated that the man had been threatening passengers in the station.

One witness stated that Grand Place seemed to be “empty in seconds” when police told them to get out. People ran to de Grote Markt, a restaurant nearby. Metro lines 1 and 5 were closed following the incident.

The man was shot by police, and The UK Sun reports that he later died from his wounds after an “effort was made to save him.”


Police and military were  given  kudos for their quick end to the situation.