What the Brussels Terrorists Planned…

By Faye Higbee

What the Brussels Terrorists Planned…

Belgian authorities found pictures, and plans to hit the Belgian Prime Minister’s residence when they conducted a raid on the Schaerbeek apartment used by the terrorists.  Hand drawn images of his residence and photos were found in the apartment, which some new media remarked were “well informed” as to the Prime Minister’s residence.

Prime Minister Charles Michel and the residence at 16 Rue de la Loi

Authorities also found a computer in a trash bin near the  apartment.

De Tijd reported,

“The investigators found the computer in a trash can at the Max Roosstraat in Schaerbeek. In this street, at number 4, was located the apartment from which the terrorists last Tuesday morning ordered a taxi to the airport. In his hiding place 15 kg of explosives of the type found TATP, 150 liters of acetone, 30 liters of hydrogen peroxide, detonators, screws, bolts and bomb materials.

…became known that on the computer a “testament” is found from Ibrahim El Bakraoui , who blew himself up at the airport. In this testament El Bakraoui indicates that he felt hounded by the court and wanted to act before he would end life in a cell. His brother Khalid El Bakraoui blew himself up in Maelbeek Metro Station, which is below the Rue de la Loi.”

Security issue at PM residence

The 16 Rue de la Loi  is the address of Belgium’s Prime Minister.

According to the report, the Prime Minister is now aware of the threats. Additional security measures have been taken at his residence, and visitors are now more “tightly controlled.” Three previous Prime Ministers had often remarked that security there was not tight enough. They finally got the message.

FBI assistance

According to the reports, the FBI has joined with Belgian officials to investigate the terrorist incident. Fox reported that a “fly team” from the New York office was sent to assist Belgian authorities with intelligence gathering and on the ground interviews.  An “Evidence Response Team” from the FBI lab at Quantico was also sent.