Brussels Lockdown 2nd Day of Search- and a Sense of Humor

By Faye Higbee

Brussels lockdown 2nd day: Streets are closed, and the town squares empty, as police and military search for several suspects believed to be connected to the Paris attacks. Salah Abdeslam is the main prize, though two others are also on the list.

Abdeslam‘s brother says he is hoping he will just surrender rather than be killed.

brussels lockdown 2nd day

Policeman waits on a street sealed off in Brussels – Twitter photo

The three suspects who are wanted

Police are searching for these three men and any connections they may have:

Belgian police say they have received over 10,000 calls since yesterday. They have asked people not to overlook anything or anyone who may seem suspicious. Schools in Brussels are to be closed on Monday as the operations continue.

Belgian Police: Stop Tweeting on Social Media- “radio silence please”

Police also asked Belgians to stop tweeting about their every move…so they are tweeting cat pictures …and… a little old lady with many cases of beer. It shows Belgians still have a sense of humor amidst a deadly dangerous situation. These are under the hashtag #BrusselsLockdown.

They were asked to maintain a form of “radio silence” or media blackout to allow police to complete their raids without tipping off terrorists. Sort of a  cat-a-tonic response to the police request.



Police warn to stay away from windows

Residents were warned to stay away from windows, and in some areas asked not to go outside. One man said he needed to be reminded that this was Brussels 2015, not Brussels 1940. Numerous streets were shut down, cafes closed, strict measures taken in order to find terrorists who may or may not still be in the city.

As police move through the streets of Belgium’s Capital City, the people seem to be taking it in stride. One said if they survived WWII, they can survive this.

A resident of Gent, Belgium, who follows Uncle Sam’s, says his city has grown to a population of nearly 68% Muslim immigrants. In a nation that was once primarily Catholic, that statistic is staggering. He is only 50 minutes from Brussels.