Bronx Apartment Fires Leaves At Least 12 Dead

By Faye Higbee

A massive fire in a Bronx apartment on Thursday evening left 12 dead, including children, and at least 15 injured. Mayor De Blasio remarked that the fire was “the worst fire tragedy we have seen in at least a quarter century.” The apartment building had 6 code violations open in city records. Fire Investigators say that the fire may have been caused by a child playing with a stove. About 170 firefighters worked to quench the flames in 15 degree weather.

Update: Emmanuel Mensah reportedly rescued several people from the fire before returning to the building where he died of smoke inhalation, according to the The New York Times.


The fire alarm came in to FDNY at 6:51 p.m., and according to the Daily Mail, they were at the scene within 3 minutes. The fire started on the ground floor and spread rapidly to the 5th floor, possibly helped along with a natural gas leak.

Broken and missing fire alarms may have been to blame for the casualty count – 12 dead, 15 injured. Twelve people were rescued by FDNY, and the possibility of more victims may arise as the investigation continues. Some of the victims have been identified, others have not.


One 28 year old soldier, Emmanuel Mensah, has been missing since the fire. He was home on leave. He was last seen by his roommate, whom he told to stay in the apartment as smoke from the fire swept through the building. The roommate was rescued by fire fighters, but the soldier was nowhere to be found. His family has checked local hospitals, but have been unable to locate him.

The Building is owned by D A Equities, Inc, a company that has a history of code violations and gas problems.

Featured photo: screenshot via twitter