Bridgeport Protests After Officer Involved Shooting Kills Teen

By Faye Higbee

Bridgeport, Connecticut – Jayson Negron, 15, was shot and killed by police on Tuesday. His passenger, Julian  Fyffe, 21, was wounded after Negron drove a stolen car recklessly through the streets, struck two officers, then pinned a police officer under the car. But his death  sparked outrage and protests in the community.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle on Tuesday at around 5 p.m. after Jayson drove off, hitting several vehicles and going the wrong direction on Fairfield Avenue. He then stopped the car and officers approached. But he suddenly jammed the car into reverse and drove over a police officer, pinning him under the vehicle. His partner fired one shot, killing the driver and wounding his passenger.

Two officers were hospitalized, one lightly injured in the incident. The investigation is continuing, and will likely be done by the State Police or the Governor’s office.

Of course, that’s not the narrative of the media or the ACLU or Black Lives Matter. They never mention the fact that Jayson was driving a stolen vehicle, only that he was “driving.” And they failed to tell anyone that Jayson struck two officers and drove over a third. They even questioned the legality of police chasing him. Some even changed the truth to say that he was “shot during the pursuit.” Just another “innocent” black child who ran afoul of the vicious black-hating cops.

The media has expended article after article about Jayson Negron, talking to relatives and friends, and how horrifying his death is to the community. They showed the release of dozens of blue balloons in honor of his death. What about his upbringing? Why did he choose to steal a car? Why did he choose to back up over a police officer… all of that is missing from the narratives.

Jayson Negron – the photo used by the media (cut from a Facebook photo)

The ACLU was even concerned that police were videotaping the protests – but since many of these protests have ended in violence, they were likely just being careful.

The Chief of Police says he believes the officers acted within Department Guidelines and the laws of Connecticut.

“Based on all information that I have received, and I have not heard anything that would dissuade me, our officers acted within guidelines of law and department policy.” Chief A.J. Perez

Jayson Negron’s death was tragic, unfortunate, and we can feel for those left behind. But his actions up to that point were lethal- striking anyone with a vehicle could have resulted in death. A car is a deadly weapon- there are numerous examples of it in recent years.